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  1. Head conditioning for hard qi gong...(Head Injury)
  2. Knee injuries
  3. Fitness: My erratic heart rate?? Am I going to die? :(
  4. The statistics of SARS
  5. Criticism
  6. kicked in the throat
  7. shoulder problem
  8. Martial Arts for the handicapped
  9. Health risks of training at 16
  10. Sources of calcium
  11. Doc! A little advice needed but fast!
  12. Any advice would be appreciated
  13. Lower leg (tibial) fractures
  14. Eye injuries
  15. Anatomy & Physiology books for martial artists
  16. Hamstring Injuries
  17. Shoulder Injuries
  18. Neck Injury
  19. punching the kneecap
  20. pulling off ears
  21. Arm and chest problems
  22. A correction about cavity strikes.
  23. The dilemma of being overweight
  24. The dilemma in predicting the presence of fat nipples...
  25. Infectious diseases: HIV
  26. Back knee pain when doing front splits
  27. ALS: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  28. Stretching: the controversy
  29. dit da jow: The science behind it.
  30. The treatment of cancer.
  31. Green Tea and Cancer
  32. Grinding Joints and Glucosamine
  33. rotater cup in shoulder
  34. green tea
  35. help, doc!! The persistence of alcohol flavor status post Irish coffee ingestion.
  36. Wrists
  37. odd thing
  38. Vegetarianism, collapsed lung and stretching
  39. Sinus remedies
  40. throat pain
  41. Knuckles
  42. thinking about the medical profession
  43. martial arts and aging
  44. Two things: Arthritis and Asthma
  45. Weight lifting arm injury
  46. Coccyx/Sacral pain
  47. Patella Tendon and all that
  48. Doctor shortage
  49. acne problems
  50. Computer use 'can lead to eye disease'
  51. folding@home
  52. Daily training blog
  53. wheelchairs, respirators, who needs 'em?
  54. Tearing of the muscles
  55. Sniffles and Aches
  56. What the hell is this? (Ganglion Cysts)
  57. Crazy idea: Renal dialysis
  58. benefits of beer drinking
  59. Benefits of headguards..
  60. Orange Juice
  61. Who wants to live forever?
  62. Working out...? (biochemistry of lactate metabolism)
  63. Food Combos: Proper nutrition and diet (In search of the Perfect Poop)
  64. social workers
  65. Ow...headrush
  66. carbs and drowsiness:(Postprandial fatigue, glucose metabolism/regulation)
  67. biotin and protein / fat metabolisation.........
  68. Fat : How low can you go ???????????
  69. Muay Thai Toes
  70. Vitamin C and its effect on Calcium absorbtion.
  71. Helicobacter Pylori: China Travel Risk (Gastrointestinal infections)
  72. diet and gong fu kids
  73. cracking your knuckles
  74. Could smoking be benificial????
  75. Doc, about causalgia in the lower back.
  76. Too much water?
  77. Pleasantly Plump May Be OK
  78. Ankle injuries
  79. loss of range of motion after ankle sprain
  80. Just sick or/of allergies
  81. Muscle memory..
  82. Kung Fu Cures Cancer!
  83. Prevent or cure aching muscles?
  84. Fish oil
  85. Virus eradication nailed????
  86. ow
  87. Weird Lump
  88. Bruising Easily
  89. Bacteriophages
  90. Seeing stars..
  91. Shiner
  92. Tendons
  93. Mosquito bites (Allergies)
  94. Bird Flu Mania
  95. Train your brain..
  96. Eat yourself off that plateau
  97. Shaolin Contraception
  98. knee pain/urge to shit
  99. Wrist Cysts
  100. knee red spot
  101. Walking
  102. Woody Allen was right - smoking IS good for you..
  103. Sternum pain
  104. pimples on ass
  105. groin
  106. My Experiential Opinion of "Blooming Lotus" (Schizophrenia again)
  107. Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  108. Happiness
  109. Heat Related Injuries
  110. doc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Wounded in Dengfeng)
  111. Kidney problem (long story)
  112. abdominal breathing, overexpanding the abdomen and trapped air
  113. Scoliosis
  114. For your eyes
  115. Torn muscles
  116. Equipment Malfunction!
  117. Finding a testicular mass in Beijing
  118. CPR certification
  119. How much protein can the body handle?
  120. Fastest way to get rid of a cold?
  121. Allergic Reaction to Contrast Dye
  122. is it helpful for he who suffering... (back pain)
  123. Has anyone ever had this kind of muscle strain/pain?
  124. Steroids
  125. shin splints
  126. Sleep and its effects
  127. A Soy Story
  128. Tap water in China (Safety issues)
  129. Purchase Steroids
  130. Exercising with breasts
  131. Hematoma under the nail
  132. giving up sugar
  133. Japanese Toxin Removing Footpads, These for real?
  134. Fake Medications
  135. Bruised Knee
  136. cell phones vs popcorn
  137. Dizziness days after training
  138. Burning Incense: The Risks
  139. sweat rash?
  140. Energy Drinks (The effects of Caffeine)
  141. Overtraining
  142. Tendovaginitis in knee
  143. Ciprofloxacin
  144. This is why I do Tai'Chi, QiGong, Gong Fu (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome)
  145. Health effects of Karate
  146. Updated guidelines for physical activity and weight loss
  147. Aerobic vs Resistance training
  148. Qi Gong with Cancer Chemotherapy
  149. What is suffering?
  150. microtrauma (Skin Conditioning)
  151. High Fructose corn syrup article
  152. Animal flu (H1N1 Swine Flu)
  153. The Genius of Doc??
  154. Intensity Vs. Duration
  155. Animal testing
  156. TA-65
  157. Exercise
  158. Diabetes
  159. Smoking addiction….what is it?
  160. suck me
  161. Herpes Gladiatorum
  162. Bedbugs, Lice and Mites: The critters that will love you.
  163. Stupidity of skolars and politiks
  164. Stupidity of skolars and politiks
  165. Ringworm: Tinea Corporis
  166. Health effects of fragrances: Incense, perfumes, cleansers, etc.
  167. Chondroitin and Glucosamine: Current thinking and efficacy
  168. Avoiding HIV infection and AIDS
  169. Dengue Fever
  170. Tattoos: Health risks, psychology, associated diseases
  171. Dim Mak: The traditions and the science
  172. Hepatitis C
  173. Hepatitis E
  174. Chiropractic: The Disadvantages
  175. Asthma control when traveling
  176. Hookah smoking
  177. Cell phone use and brain tumors
  178. Scarlet fever Overseas worry
  179. Malpractice concerns in China
  180. Health effects of vinegar
  181. Prostate cancer test article
  182. Jungle Juice: Methanol poisoning
  183. Running barefoot: The new trend in physical fitness
  184. AIDS in China and Asia
  185. Health risks of drinking raw milk
  186. The use of skin lightening creams in Asia
  187. Health effects of caffeinated alcoholic beverages
  188. Caffeine Toxicity
  189. Cancer and the martial arts
  190. Health benefits of apples
  191. Weight Gain Supplements?
  192. Green tea
  193. Raspberry Ketones: the new "diet miracle"
  194. Cannabis and diminished IQ
  195. Naegleria fowleri infection: Sinus rinses and Primary Amebic Meningitis
  196. Medscape Medical News Indoor Tanning: Young Women Not Heeding the Warning
  197. Bath Salts more addictive than methamphetamine
  198. Xylazine a New Potentially Fatal Addition to Other Drugs of Abuse
  199. Airport X Rays: The dangers....
  200. Alcohol: It's all bad for you....
  201. E - Cigarettes: The risks