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  1. Lucid dreaming and the possibilites
  2. Scientology
  3. Hunting naked women...
  4. Ted William's body decapitated...
  5. strange...
  6. The "STELLA" Awards
  7. Graphical footage of the Sigfried and Roy TIGER attack
  8. Orgasms on demand
  9. Dumb Laws
  10. And they say animals are stupid
  11. Cookie Fortunes
  12. Wacko Jacko goes to the big house
  13. LETS GO!!!
  14. "I know you are, but what am I?"
  15. more Be-ess
  16. who says monks don't kick ass?
  17. the genesis musem!
  18. new video of mortal training - just released!
  19. for all of you sports fans out there: DOGJUDO!
  20. Are we all really just a bunch of wacky MONKEYS? Warning: human stupidity alert!
  21. russian astrologer sues NASA for disrupting the natural balance of the universe
  22. the hospital hippy hole
  23. Doc the cowboy
  24. Thanksgiving.....
  25. Will the real russbo please step forward?
  26. spiraling energy is the key to the universe.
  27. Don't you just hate those lame-o "Baby On Board" stickers for cars?
  28. Diet Coke and Mentos
  30. Mankind's ultimate achievement
  31. HDTV
  32. The best music sites
  33. Things to do with your cell phone
  34. electronically stimulated muscular contraction exercise equipment.
  35. I can't wait...
  36. actual american map?
  37. Women r egual to men...in every possible way!
  38. Husband escapes endless cake nightmare
  39. Man arrested after ejaculating during TSA pat-down
  40. scientology singalong
  41. A novel use for teddy bears