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  1. Topic One: Qi and Buddha; Jesus and crucifixion
  2. Topic Two: Shi Yan Chang's story
  3. Topic Three: Ego and the Martial Arts
  4. Topic Four: Arguments for and against the temple.
  5. Topic Five: Shaolin gong fu or college?
  6. Topic Six: Inspiration and Education
  7. Topic Seven: The Shaolin abbot's new view of gong fu...
  8. Topic Eight: Shaolin monks and western influence
  9. Topic Nine: Unrequited love and honor..
  10. Topic Twelve: The trademark of the Shaolin name
  11. Topic Thirteen: Exclusive rights to teach Shaolin Gong Fu
  12. Topic Fourteen: The whole concept of "I want to be (am) a Shaolin monk"
  13. Amazed. (The USSD Mattera / Yongxin Conundrum)
  14. Shaolin Symposium
  15. Monks with Girl friends... Cool or Not ???
  16. Topic Fifteen: The veracity of the present day Shaolin "monks"
  17. The Robe And The Meaning
  18. Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu vs. Thai Kick-Boxing Competition