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  1. Cow Tax
  2. A Riddle
  3. They really did it!!!
  4. God love the French....
  5. God kills....
  6. The war is off....
  7. Doc as a youngster....
  8. Gangstars
  9. only in Africa
  10. How Easter Eggs Are Made
  11. The first time....
  12. Vacation!!
  13. God love the Japanese....
  14. haxxors
  15. excellent sites
  16. A Jeffy inaction
  17. Doc's New Chatrooms
  18. Rejected Children's Books
  19. jeffylube insanity...a glimpse into the abyss
  20. China blasts US over mullet epidemic
  21. abc
  22. ads!!
  23. Mathematics of life
  24. "How to pick up a stripper"
  25. George Bush and the Presiden of China(Funny)
  26. Chinese Cure(Funny)
  27. Martha Stewart's new digs....
  28. True love
  29. Las Vegas PD!
  30. Judo throw saves man from bear
  31. California driver's license
  32. Martial arts expert known as "the doctor" kills two raiders
  33. Chinese food
  34. Michael Jackson Leaves Las Vegas and is on the run.
  35. "I used to do kung fu in the early 1970s so I know how to handle myself"
  36. Letters to Santa
  37. Snowing in Las Vegas.
  38. Resolutions
  39. Mars Spirit Rover
  40. Britney Spears gets married in Las Vegas.
  41. Tai Ji Vs BJJ
  42. Lawyers
  43. Some favorite Hallmark Greeting Cards
  44. A new technique?
  45. Times when the "F" word has been appropriate...
  46. Barry White, saved my life...
  47. Famous Last Words
  48. Lost Photo Found of Doc
  49. From the Yu've got to be kidding!
  50. Grandma vigilante justice
  51. Best Comments from the Olympics
  52. Buddhist Humour
  53. Docdollar
  54. Keyra: want some ass??? ***WW***
  55. to be a warrior.
  56. proving existence of the mind(not thebrain)
  57. my spaceship.
  58. Wal Mart Funnies
  59. 100+ Worst Porn Titles, EVER
  60. Show us your Pumpkins!!!
  61. Doc's ancestor, by RJW
  62. Not a good day....
  63. What if www.russbo.com never existed?
  64. post your poetic nonsense
  65. Stupid is as stupid does
  66. notes on the alchemical transformation of mercury
  67. disturbing, i wonder what ma this is?
  68. last minute shopping
  69. Is Hell exothermic or endothermic??
  70. U.S. vs CHINA, just how stupid is the world anyway?
  71. inspiration...its time to use our voices people
  72. what is love.
  73. Email to God
  74. Stripping 101
  75. Divorce
  76. The Darwin Awards: Celebrating stupidity
  77. chinese ambassador gives interesting speech...
  78. the quest for the lost civilization.
  79. for all you alien sceptics...
  80. an addition to the alien thread that i felt desrved its own topic. dan aykroyd on ufo
  81. take my personality test! LOL
  82. why the chicken crossed the road
  83. Osama Bin Laden
  84. instructions for a woman's scent..
  85. Charlie Brown
  86. TROLLS
  87. To the faggot stalker who is hacking me
  88. how to live
  89. truth exists
  90. Docs special recipe for ENERGY
  91. Hitler goes postal
  92. New Baby Directions from a Chinese Hospital
  93. Aston Martin: Buying used cars
  94. Why athletes can't get regular jobs
  95. Paula Deen Opens Swimming Pool For Disadvantaged Youths............
  96. A Fairy Tale