View Full Version : russbo WebMail, for your personal ISP based emails.

10-30-2005, 10:21 PM
Email has always been an issue while traveling in China. There's the old standby's, Hotmail, Yahoo, and now Gmail, all with their benefits and disadvantages. But what happens if you have an email address that is ISP based, one that is derived from your own web site? One that you usually get using your own computer?

You can now access your own ISP email, without the use of Outlook or other progams such as that, via a new feature in russbo.com

The Email Client can be found in the navigation bar above, under Member Services / Communication Services. Click on that, and you will be brought to a page that will ask for your email username, your host address, and your password.

Now. to make this easier, russbo.com can remember all of this for you.

Go to your User CP, which is also found in the navigation bar above, and enter your User Control Panel. On the left hand side, in the Edit Options page (via a link of the same name), on the bottom, you will find places to input your Email User Name and Mail Host Server information. Save it in your User CP, and every time you go to the Email Client, that information will automatically be entered for you. You'll have to remember your password though; for security reasons, we won't keep that.

You can get your mail from Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail, via this method, as long as you have their respective premium accounts, with ISP access turned on.

Hope you find this new feature helpful during your travels.

08-26-2006, 10:53 PM
I've installed a new web based email client, that you can use to log into your personal ISP web mail. You can set it up, and the forum will remember your settings, privately, in the database, so wherever in the world you may find yourself, you can log into russbo.com and send and receive email through your ISP server.

You can access this either through your USER CP, or, through the MEMBER SERVICES link in the navigation bar.