• Regulations of the 8th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival

    From October 22 to 26, 2010 in Zhengzhou, Henan, China.

    General Administration of Sports of China
    People’s Government of Henan Province

    Chinese Wushu Association
    Sports Bureau of Henan Province
    People’s Municipal Government of Zhengzhou

    Any wushu group, organization or individual.

    1. Shaolin compulsory events:
    Quanshu, Daoshu, Jianshu, Gunshu, Qiangshu
    2.Traditional shaolin events:
    Hongquan, Luohanquan, Paoquan, Changhuxinyimen, Qixingquan, Meihuaquan, Chaoyangquan, Tongbiquan, Taizuchangquan.
    b. Apparatus:
    Short apparatus, Long apparatus, Double apparatus, Soft apparatus and other apparatus.
    3. Shaolin dual events
    Liuhequan (erba and tida), Liuhegun, Liuheqiang
    4. International compulsory taolu competition events.
    a.Changquan class: Changquan, Jianshu, Daoshu, Qiangshu, Gunshu (No less than 1 minute 20 seconds).There is no age group in competitions.
    b. Nanquan class: Nanquan, Nandao, Nangun (No less than 1 minute 20 seconds).There’s no age group in competitions.
    c. Taijiquan class: 42 Forms Taijiquan, 42 Forms Taijijian.
    5. Other Events
    a. Besides the above competition events, all other Quanshu and Apparatus events that are healthy and scientific are acceptable (eg. Taijiquan etc).
    b. Dual events: bare-handed to bare-handed, bare-handed to apparatus, apparatus to apparatus.
    c. Group events: Each team shall be composed of 6 persons at least (no restriction on genders). Music shall be accompanied to suit the choreography.
    6. Men’s Sanda (age: 18-35;Specifically invited by the organizing committee.)
    56kg, 65kg, 75kg, 85kg, 90+kg
    Ⅵ. Age Groups in Taolu Competitions.
    Group A: below age 12 (born after Jan. 1, 1999)
    Group B: age 12-17 (born between Jan. 1, 1993 and Dec. 31, 1998)
    Group C: age 18-39 (born between Jan. 1, 1971 and Dec. 31, 1992)
    Group D: age 40-59 (born between Jan. 1, 1951 and Dec. 31, 1970)
    Group E: above 60 (born before Dec. 31, 1950)

    1. Each team shall be composed of one head of the delegation, one team leader, two or three coaches, one doctor and several athletes and observers(no restriction on the number of the athletes or observers).
    2. Participation of Taolu:
    a. Each competitor may enter a maximum of 2 individual events in Taolu (1 quanshu and 1 apparatus). He/she may enter for dual events and group events.
    b. Each team may enter 1 dual event. The group shall be composed by at most three competitors. Male and female competitors can be mixed
    c. Each team may enter 1 group event. There is no limitation for the age groups (The competition will not be arranged if the number of participants is less the 6 in one group).
    3. The Organizing Committee will invite specific teams to attend Sanda competitions.

    1. The Taolu competition will be conducted in accordance with ‘Rules for Traditional Wushu Taolu Competition’ endorsed by the Chinese Wushu Association in 2006.
    2. Quanshu and Apparatus of the same kind are put into the same group. All the quanshu and apparatus, whose participants are less than 5 persons, are put into the other kinds of routines or the previous group.
    3. Time limit
    a. Quanshu and apparatus routines shall be within 2 minutes (except compulsory changquan class, compulsory nanquan class and taijiquan class).
    b. Compulsory Changquan and Nanquan Routines shall be no less than 1 minute 20 seconds.
    c. Taijiquan shall be 4-6 minutes. The head judge will blow a whistle at the 5th minute.
    d. Taiji apparatus shall be 3- 4 minutes. The head judge will blow a whistle at the third minute.
    e. Dual events shall be no less than 40 seconds
    f. Group event shall be less than 4 minutes. Music can be accompanied to the routine. (CD or tapes shall be provided by the participating teams.) No lyrics are allowed. The team leaders and the coaches will be in charge of music during the competition.
    4. The Sanda competition will be conducted in accordance with ‘Rules for International Sanda Competition’ endorsed by the IWUF. The knockout system will be adopted. Winning two out of three rounds in a bout of fight will be adopted. Each round lasts 2 minutes. The interval between rounds is 1 minute. Details will be notified in due course.

    1. The number of winners shall be awarded according to the number of competitors in Taolu competition events. One third of the total competitors who participate in Taolu competition events shall be awarded gold medal & certificate for both men and women according to age groups, one third of silver medal & certificate, one third of bronze medal & certificate.
    2. The first six places of each category will be awarded in Sanda event:
    1st Place Gold Medal, RMB 5000 Yuan prize and Certificate
    2nd Place Silver Medal, RMB 3000 Yuan prize and Certificate
    3rd Place Bronze Medal, RMB 1000 Yuan prize and Certificate
    4th - 6th Places Certificate
    3. Excellent Organization Award will be issued by Organizing Committee to those delegations with the most representatives.

    1. Entries: Entry Forms should reach the Organizing Committee by mail or fax no later than September 22, 2010. The Entry Forms must be printed in A4 size paper in duplicate, one copy to the Organizing Committee of the 8th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival and one copy to be brought with the team as confirmation during its registration in Zhengzhou.
    2. Registration
    a. The participating teams are required to register from October 21 to 22, 2010.
    b. Port of entry and traffic route
    The Organizing Committee will give reception at the Port of Zhengzhou City.
    Zhengzhou City can be reached via Hongkong, Macao by flight or train.
    There are non-stop flights and trains to Zhengzhou City from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

    1. Each team shall be responsible for their expenses.
    Ⅻ. Jury Committee and Judges
    1. The composition and duty of the Jury Committee shall be implemented according to the Regulations of Jury Committee.
    2. The selection of judges will be notified in due course

    1. Please inform the Organizing Committee the date of your arrival, and flight or train details before October 16, so that the transportation will be arranged properly. For more information, please log on the following website.
    2. Athletes shall cover their life insurance by themselves and sign Waiver of Liabilities.
    3. Sanda athletes must bring along with a copy of passport or ID card, a Health Certificate (including electroencephalogram,electrocardiogram, pulse and blood pressure) issued within 15 days before the competition and a Life Insurance.
    4. Costumes, apparatus and training equipments shall be prepared by athletes themselves.
    In Sanda Events, shield and jockstrap should be prepared by the athletes themselves, protective equipment will be provided by the Organizing Committee.
    5. In order to keep the order of competition arrangement, written application should be submitted to the Competition Department by competitors whose events needed to be changed under special circumstances before 21:00 o’clock on 22 October.
    6. The Regulations and Application Forms can be downloaded from the websites of Chinese Wushu Association and Sports Bureau of Zhengzhou City.
    ⅩⅤ. The matters uncovered in this regulation will be notified in due course.
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