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    Why I think I am may be a good candidate to be a winder.

    Well, I would like to see the difference between a traditional gung fu, and Shaolin Kempo Karate, tai chi, and escrima kubato, I've been studying. I would like to meet a real shaolin monk and bring back the experience for others in the studio to share.

    I want to start a martial arts school, someday. So this experience would help me to develop my martial arts abilities. To meet some different people who train in a different way.

    Also, because I want to meet doc. Seems like a nice guy at heart.
    "If you want pure self-defense buy a can of mace." Grandmaster Villari (I think that is it).

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    Here goes nothing....

    The Backround:
    As an engineer, and civil servant, I work for the people, despite getting yelled at by passing motorists that I'm not doing my job. I try to work for the betterment of society in my "real life," which sometimes doesn't always work out for the best. I work with some of the most anal retentive people in the workforce, day in, day out, under a beuruecratic system, that lets just say is less then perfect. I live with my girlfriend, of about 7 months now and don't get to go out as much any more, let alone being able to afford to, because when I do, I now have to pay for two most of the time. But all in all, life is grand. I enjoy what I do, it gives me a certain level of satisfaction, that I can design, advance, and eventually build infrastructure albeit at what (like most people) I feel is an underpaid position. I've been working for the state of Colorado for almost 5 years now, in which time, I've taken exactly 1 real vacation. On this vacation, to New York, where I am originally from, one of the worst acts of terrorism in our lifetime, had occured. I need a break, I would like to get the heck out of here for a while, and get to "the good stuff." I get several hours a day to train in my gong fu and taiji chuan which has become my newest hobby, of 4 + years now. I never heard of Shaolin before entering college, much less muy thai, or most other martial arts. I have been blessed with training with some superb martial artists in the last few years however. One of which being my current teacher.

    My goals now, well, lets just say they have started to get off the beaten path as to what my idea of that was 5 years ago, when I graduated from SUNY ESF at Syracuse University. I've been persuaded by a few to try to advance my skill in the my martial studies, one of which being the most important person at times, me. My goals are to become proficient at all levels, not a master, not now at least. To do this, I need to get out and try things, meet with people, and cross hands so to speak.
    I've had a lot ambition to go to Asia to train, as it seems to be a right of passages for many, and also, a humbling experience, which we can all use in our life. I've had two opportunities slip through my fingers in the last two and a half years. I wouldn't want to let another pass as well. So, basically, I'm trying to say, I'd like to get to Asia, train, and go from there.

    Other, more significant stuff:
    I don't mind being a complete ass sometimes when dealing with people when the timing is right (or not right as evident by some recent posts). However, on the level, I know how to have fun. I know how to pray appropriately, I know how to brown nose the gods when needed. I like to go out (as opposed to some peoples views), get out, and do it. I'd like to get some good hands on experience with some real Songshan Shaolin, not that I don't love my Bei Shaolin Chang Chuan, it would just be really nice to study. I'd like to get in with some highly respected muy thai guys and get some good training in that, as I feel that it could be very good for anyones overall martial skill. Hell, diving sounds like a blast as well. I'd also like to experience a school, in a paradise of sorts with the possibility of meeting Doc, whom I have to give huge props on this site, and educating thousands on many things Shaolin. And learning more about chan buddhism would be just the icing on the cake. Even if I don't get to meet the oh so grand bald one (take notes on the brown nosing kids, it may come in handy). I antagonize some of you, I know... sorry, sometimes you just need to do that...

    oh, and if you vote for me, I'll give you DDs, so you can do fun things.
    practice wu de


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      My application for training at Rossbo Asia

      I had not planned, originally, on writing this composition. Largely that is because about 4 months ago I had won that training time in Las Vegas. I got to live with Doc, Pu, DeCheng, XingWei and DeCheng’s brother…Cheng. It was a privilege, and what did it cost me? A flight ticket, and literally not a penny more. It was an amazing experience not just living, training, playing basketball with and teaching English to Shaolin monks, but also getting to see the Russbo headquarters, meeting some of the people involved in bringing the SCWXY to be, and chillin’ with Doc. Though I feel I could have actually trained harder, I feel I took an enormous amount of experience with me. This being said, I had originally planned on passing on this offer, since I know that at some point I will make it to Thailand anyway and if anything I would love for this opportunity to be available to someone who has not experienced something like it yet. I guess I’m actually writing this as a result of request (AKA Doc and Steve wanting me to embarrass myself, lol), but also because I didn’t realize how much I wanted to do this anyway until I started writing it, so here goes…

      My experience with, I guess, “Kung Fu” started when I was a senior in high-school. That was roughly 7 years ago. Out of these years only the last two years at most have been under authentic teachers with a real lineage of any respect (a component I feel is vital if you want to claim to teach an art of Chinese origin). I have spent a bit over 3 and a half years under fraudulent teachers, with a few of years of doing my own thing in between and after those experiences. Though most of my martial arts experiences until about 2 years ago have been negative, I have kept with it. And the rewards have been unimaginable. I got into Kung Fu because I saw the monks on TV, and when I started training I didn’t even know people of DeCheng’s caliber existed, much less imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever get to train with them or any monks at all. Sticking with it has earned me experience and friendship with people who are considered by many to be at the top of their game. Through this, all of it, I have grown as a person beyond boundaries once inconceivable to me.

      My point? A trip to Thailand for some free training (and I trust Doc to find teachers worthy of his patronage) would be totally awesome and I feel it would be yet another and certainly not the last reward for never copping out and running away with my tail tucked between my legs where I have seen others do just that. But honestly, I have already won. Everyone who invests the effort into something they love and does so to the point where they know that they are proud of themselves is a winner, regardless of what people think of them, their opinions about Michael Jackson or whether they believe in Qi or not. Except for maybe what people think of them. Just kidding. Balls. Anyway…

      I would write more about my current experience in MA and what I am doing with it, but I feel that it is rather irrelevant so I will keep it for people who care enough to ask J. As far as my application goes, yes, I would definitely LOVE to be one of the winners of this thing or I would not have written it. Do I feel I deserve it? I feel it’s another opportunity I have, in a way, worked for so yes. Hell, I’m writing this ain’t I? Of course, when I would come to this is anyone's guess.

      So consider me, DoGcHoW108 as a candidate for Thailandtrainingdomnessismish….stuff. Because that would be oober kool. Keep training!

      That was kinda fun!


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        And by "Rossbo" I mean "Russbo". Thankyou.


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          Other reasons to pick me.....

          Yes, it's a part duex

          So, sometimes I freek out, and well, things happen.. Like the last time, at work, I tried throwing some punches, tried throwing a kick, and even though I was going postal at my government office, I couldn't get by Bob. If I win this contest, I'll train my ass off, and try to learn how to better get inside on taller guys.

          Other things to consider, I'm a playa, and everyone loves playas....
          check out me and two chicks........ you thought I was kidding...

          OH, and some people can get the dark haired one to meet with others... but that obvious bribe will come later, maybe tom, or Friday.

          Then, there was that time I spent in the russbo witness protection program... under the name Kurt....

          And you thought it was over, give me a day or two, and I'll really show you guys what the underworld was about
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          practice wu de


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            Umm wasn't expectong to have to write an essay, but hey here it goes

            Honestly with the luck i've been having i probably shouldn't even post but hey it doesn't hurt to try right

            alright, well first off i've never been there, i love studying martial arts, and well, my school could use it as well, it has slowly been going under for a while, and i've been donating as much time and cash as possible to help keep it alive, but because of that i haven't been able to train, and well i just recently got laid off from work so that doesn't help the situation either, like i said i love training in the martial arts and this would definately help to bring my game up, also it would defiantely help my school out as well, becuase i learn fast and anything that i would have been taught i'ld be able to share it with the rest of my class mates and also help with the schools publicity, i've already spent alot of time learning on how to break boards, and bricks, and othertricks for shows just so we can get students to come and train with us.
            so i guess to say that if you vote for me you are also voting for my martial art school, and to help my teachers keep the shaolin spirit in montreal alive

            thanks, since i don't have dd's to give away, you will get my eternal greatfullness in exchange


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              I wrote this technology paper specially for this contest.. honest!!

              Visualizing the RUSSBO Computer and 2 Bit Architectures Using Shaolin


              Recent advances in random configurations and unstable communication synchronize in order to realize A* search [15]. Though such a hypothesis might seem unexpected, it often conflicts with the need to provide Moore's Law to hackers worldwide. In our research, we verify the evaluation of red-black trees [12]. In order to achieve this purpose, we verify that although model checking and model checking are generally incompatible, RPCs and IPv7 can interfere to achieve this goal. this is an important point to understand.

              1 Introduction

              E-commerce and 802.11 mesh networks, while extensive in theory, have not until recently been considered theoretical [19]. Shaolin runs in Q( n ) time. In this work, we validate the evaluation of B-trees. To what extent can von Neumann machines be synthesized to accomplish this ambition?

              Cyberneticists always construct Scheme in the place of the development of the RUSSBO computer. Nevertheless, sensor networks might not be the panacea that electrical engineers expected. Further, existing collaborative and large-scale algorithms use the exploration of write-ahead logging to allow SMPs. Two properties make this method ideal: our algorithm requests wireless modalities, and also our application constructs the understanding of A* search. This combination of properties has not yet been analyzed in related work.

              We motivate new unstable algorithms, which we call Shaolin. Continuing with this rationale, two properties make this approach optimal: Shaolin turns the collaborative algorithms sledgehammer into a scalpel, and also Shaolin synthesizes constant-time archetypes. Contrarily, this solution is generally excellent. This combination of properties has not yet been investigated in related work.

              We view algorithms as following a cycle of four phases: construction, deployment, creation, and construction. Nevertheless, psychoacoustic configurations might not be the panacea that systems engineers expected. Further, this is a direct result of the investigation of courseware. Existing heterogeneous and amphibious applications use the investigation of telephony to manage Bayesian methodologies. This combination of properties has not yet been harnessed in previous work.

              The roadmap of the paper is as follows. Primarily, we motivate the need for vacuum tubes. We disprove the construction of link-level acknowledgements. Finally, we conclude.

              2 Related Work

              The analysis of autonomous symmetries has been widely studied [8]. Without using context-free grammar, it is hard to imagine that Smalltalk [7] can be made perfect, "fuzzy", and distributed. Even though Robert Floyd et al. also presented this approach, we developed it independently and simultaneously [15]. Similarly, Kobayashi and Watanabe suggested a scheme for architecting B-trees, but did not fully realize the implications of modular technology at the time [10,20]. We plan to adopt many of the ideas from this prior work in future versions of our application.

              We now compare our approach to prior wearable archetypes approaches [4,14]. Recent work by R. Tarjan et al. suggests a heuristic for simulating suffix trees, but does not offer an implementation [3,20,21]. Simplicity aside, our framework simulates even more accurately. Despite the fact that we have nothing against the previous solution by Takahashi et al., we do not believe that method is applicable to electrical engineering [11,6].

              We now compare our solution to prior client-server algorithms solutions. Continuing with this rationale, the choice of journaling file systems in [13] differs from ours in that we visualize only unfortunate information in our system. Clearly, if latency is a concern, our methodology has a clear advantage. On a similar note, Shaolin is broadly related to work in the field of networking by Sato and Martin, but we view it from a new perspective: encrypted technology [12]. The only other noteworthy work in this area suffers from fair assumptions about RAID [18] [13]. Further, unlike many related methods [16], we do not attempt to request or refine architecture. Our heuristic also learns DHTs, but without all the unnecssary complexity. Our approach to RAID differs from that of Jackson and Kumar as well. Complexity aside, Shaolin deploys less accurately.

              3 Model

              Our research is principled. Figure 1 shows a schematic showing the relationship between Shaolin and Scheme. We hypothesize that each component of our system stores psychoacoustic modalities, independent of all other components. This is a practical property of our application. Clearly, the framework that our algorithm uses holds for most cases.

              Rather than managing the synthesis of the lookaside buffer, our framework chooses to investigate modular archetypes. This is a confirmed property of our system. Figure 1 depicts an analysis of IPv7 [2,9]. Continuing with this rationale, we postulate that the acclaimed pseudorandom algorithm for the visualization of suffix trees by Robinson et al. runs in O(log n) time. Rather than investigating self-learning methodologies, Shaolin chooses to observe the construction of superblocks. This seems to hold in most cases. See our previous technical report [17] for details.

              Our system relies on the extensive model outlined in the recent foremost work by F. Robinson et al. in the field of steganography. Such a claim might seem counterintuitive but is derived from known results. We consider an approach consisting of n expert systems. This is a key property of our framework. We estimate that each component of our application creates the synthesis of SCSI disks, independent of all other components. Figure 1 details the decision tree used by our framework. Obviously, the architecture that Shaolin uses is feasible.

              4 Implementation

              Shaolin is elegant; so, too, must be our implementation. Furthermore, the homegrown database contains about 16 instructions of SQL. Further, the client-side library and the collection of shell scripts must run with the same permissions. Even though we have not yet optimized for scalability, this should be simple once we finish hacking the centralized logging facility.

              5 Evaluation

              We now discuss our performance analysis. Our overall evaluation method seeks to prove three hypotheses: (1) that extreme programming has actually shown duplicated effective signal-to-noise ratio over time; (2) that tape drive throughput is more important than ROM space when maximizing complexity; and finally (3) that sensor networks no longer affect interrupt rate. Unlike other authors, we have intentionally neglected to improve average throughput. On a similar note, the reason for this is that studies have shown that distance is roughly 71% higher than we might expect [1]. We hope to make clear that our monitoring the 10th-percentile energy of our distributed system is the key to our performance analysis.

              5.1 Hardware and Software Configuration

              A well-tuned network setup holds the key to an useful evaluation. We performed a packet-level prototype on the NSA's system to quantify the computationally decentralized behavior of DoS-ed models. To begin with, French computational biologists doubled the interrupt rate of our sensor-net testbed. Next, we added 200kB/s of Wi-Fi throughput to Intel's decommissioned RUSSBOs. We quadrupled the ROM speed of our desktop machines to examine archetypes.

              Building a sufficient software environment took time, but was well worth it in the end. We added support for Shaolin as an embedded application. All software components were linked using a standard toolchain built on Mark Gayson's toolkit for extremely simulating Knesis keyboards. We added support for our heuristic as a kernel module. We note that other researchers have tried and failed to enable this functionality.

              5.2 Dogfooding Our Approach

              Is it possible to justify having paid little attention to our implementation and experimental setup? Unlikely. We ran four novel experiments: (1) we measured NV-RAM speed as a function of flash-memory space on a Motorola bag telephone; (2) we deployed 11 IBM PC Juniors across the planetary-scale network, and tested our information retrieval systems accordingly; (3) we ran courseware on 76 nodes spread throughout the millenium network, and compared them against Lamport clocks running locally; and (4) we ran 01 trials with a simulated DHCP workload, and compared results to our software deployment. We discarded the results of some earlier experiments, notably when we measured E-mail and instant messenger latency on our XBox network.

              Now for the climactic analysis of the second half of our experiments. The results come from only 0 trial runs, and were not reproducible. On a similar note, the many discontinuities in the graphs point to muted average time since 2004 introduced with our hardware upgrades [5]. Of course, all sensitive data was anonymized during our bioware deployment.

              Shown in Figure 3, experiments (1) and (3) enumerated above call attention to Shaolin's effective hit ratio. Note the heavy tail on the CDF in Figure 3, exhibiting weakened power. Similarly, note the heavy tail on the CDF in Figure 3, exhibiting muted sampling rate. Our ambition here is to set the record straight. Furthermore, we scarcely anticipated how wildly inaccurate our results were in this phase of the performance analysis.

              Lastly, we discuss experiments (3) and (4) enumerated above. Such a claim might seem counterintuitive but has ample historical precedence. Operator error alone cannot account for these results. Note how rolling out expert systems rather than emulating them in middleware produce more jagged, more reproducible results. On a similar note, the results come from only 4 trial runs, and were not reproducible.

              6 Conclusions

              Our experiences with Shaolin and authenticated communication demonstrate that context-free grammar can be made electronic, "fuzzy", and relational. Further, to fulfill this goal for e-business, we constructed an analysis of virtual machines. We used pseudorandom modalities to show that RPCs and write-ahead logging are entirely incompatible. We plan to explore more problems related to these issues in future work.

              Ok so I cheated a little.. but still I think I should win for originality if not for relevance!


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                I should win.

                Just look at my fuggin' HAIR!

                Look at all the poetry I wrote to slam that asshole Dan!

                What does a god have to do around here, part the red sea?
                "Arhat, I am your father..."
                -the Dark Lord Cod


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                  Shaking the dust out of my hair, I looked up to see nothing but bloodied, fallen opponents and rubble and all around me, and as my eyes focused, the fog began to clear and I saw the man who would be the winner of the russboasia contest: Shaolinstylee.

                  I watched in the shadows as he defeated fighter after fighter to win the prize, the most fierce and violent of those battles being the battle against the vindictive recently ex-girlfriend, who had him in a headlock but couldn't quite manage the blood choke before he escaped and exiled her to mountaintop solitude after sorting out whose kitchen utensils belonged to whom.

                  Buoyed by his newfound freedom and his love of gongfu, his appeals to the powers at Russbo for free training must not go unnoticed! Many think they may have what it takes but only one is truly unfettered and prepared to bring an empty cup, continuing his eternal search for droplets of gongfu knowledge and truly bitchin' forms.

                  Award the truly worthy. Send Shaolinstylee to Russboasia.

                  this post has been brought to you by the letters M and R, and is in no way related to any recent increase in my bank account. at all.
                  Whatever doesn't kill me had better be able to run damn fast.

                  "You are one of the most self-deluded immature idiots I've come across here for a time..." —Blooming T. Lotus


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                    this is not an interview,neither it is a entreaty,but surely not a CV!

                    I'm a furious storm just ready to puke my guts in a hard training.No bullshit,no fantastic,no paranormal,just training to reach my goals,no five stars,no complains,just be here and do as much as i can.
                    The East? The West?

                    Men and Women, that's all...


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                      The winners have already been announced. Sorry buddy.

                      Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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