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    i think your diet has a big effect on your mental and emotional states, but i dont think its as black and white as that. how it relates to an individual spiritually is a different matter i suppose and kind of goes back to shaolin imo.

    i actually just realised that i have been eating for pleasure lol, its kind of funny i mean i love junk food and ive never been "fat" i actually have a hard time putting on weight usually but what im getting at is i think your perception has alot to do with your mental/spiritual state

    not saying people shouldnt enjoy their food i always do but eating for pleasure isnt exactly healthy mentally or spiritually to me

    so to me that ties in with meat and whatnot, honestly i just started eating healthy, i never really knew what "healthy" eating was. i went vege for a year and thought that was healthy wasnt. but i felt better in alot of ways.

    i cant barely stand fast food anymore, i like hamburgers and what not but i get a wierd metallic taste in my mouth after eating fast food and it has a wierd effect on my stomach or digestive system or whatever because it just doesnt feel the same as eating regular hamburger like a meatloaf or something

    it seems to be pretty much the same with all the chains i first noticed it after the first 3 or 4 months of being a vege(i stopped being a vege about 9 months ago) when i went crazy and had to have some burger king or wendys or whatever i had.

    thankfully pizza still tasted wonderfull lolo
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      Well in budism (i odnt say true or false) there might be quite a difference between sensatio (vedana) and perceptio (sanna, i think). What is knowledge of nonviolence> The sensation of a eating a tortured animal is pleasant, isnt it?


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        no, honestly it sounds terrible but before a friend showed me about the methods of the meat and pultry/seafood industries i wasnt aware of what was going on. after i found out i went vege for almost a year, now im back on meat but only when i have to, which is more frequent since im becoming more atheletic and im getting strong enough that i can do gung fu and strength training at the same time

        earlier around june when i started the strength training i pretty much let off the gung fu because i was trying to gain weight.

        when i eat any kind of meat im more then aware of what im eating and im very grateful just to have it, theres nothing i can do about the industry i hardly feel like im supporting them considering most of my diet is vege and fruit but meat makes up about 60 percent of my protein maybe a little more..

        so in a word no i dont take pleasure in eating the meat that was caused by the suffering of an innocent chicken, but im grateful that it died so i could get more attention from hos lolo
        "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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