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  • Shin conditioning..

    After spending lots of time (and pain) toughening your shins, does it last?

    I mean if you stop training will your shins soften up again or do they retain some/all of the conditioning?

    Any good tips for shin (re)conditioning?

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    Hitting the heavy bag and the pads are probably the best and safest ways to condition your shins. When getting back into kicking things with your shins, you'll go through some pain, but after a few sessions you'll fall back into place. I think a lot of the initial pain in conditioning is mostly psychological, but you'll probably find the toughness and density still there.
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      i do think the nerves that you killed repair themselves over time, yes.


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        yeah, you retain some of that conditioning....

        kicking the heavy bag, and I used to roll a wooden dowel up and down my shins.. I'm not sure how much that helped, as it was at the same time I was kicking the bag a lot.
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          Originally posted by zachsan
          i do think the nerves that you killed repair themselves over time, yes.
          Yes, but nerves only grow back so many times. After that, you're pretty much set. I don't know if the callossed bones revert, though.
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            you really cant escape loseing sensitivity in the legs with shin conditioning, the nerves just arent as sensitive and a layer of skin usually developes which is squishy to the touch, that is where you loose alot of sensitivity. most people dont even know how to bridge with the legs anyway, so most say why bother

            the only other choice is qi gong and that takes years to get the results most want, in the long run qi gong effects are better but they take longer to develope
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              shin (re)conditioning = kick shit


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                Very old post hahaha

                Just wanna add this vid for posperity

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