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doc's Avatar doc doc is offline Las Vegas, Nevada, USA A physician by trade, who specialized in Intensive Care Medicine and Anesthesiology, both in the consultant and management areas, doc had his career ended suddenly in a suspicious automobile accident. Ironically, it was this cataclysm that started him on his continued journeys to Shaolin, and, the gradual growth and evolution of this web site. russbo.com was started in 1997, and since then, has been responsible for doc's involvement with millions of viewers, thousands of community members, a hundred or so russbo.com member visits to Shaolin in China, a few television documentaries, and one National Geographic featured article. A book partly about him, and a book by him, are on the way. It continues to grow and evolve to this day. Just like its creator. Shaolin gong fu, Sanda, Qi Gong, Kenpo, Judo, Seidokan, Muay Thai, American Boxing, some Wing Chun and Jiujitsu, guns and other fun destructive devices. 01-14-1997 09-30-2019
Satan's Avatar Satan Satan is offline Hell Because of doc's relative inability to punish, or engage in any sort of altercation, his alter ego, Satan, takes care of "business" in the russbo.com world. Satan controls HELL, who enters it, who leaves it, and what they do there. russbo.com's HELL is actually a fun place to visit, a section of the site where its inhabitants, the Dungeon Denizens, basically do whatever they want. Within reason. Satan spends his spare time in Las Vegas chasing women of ill repute. 01-23-2003 05-03-2008
Cheyenne's Avatar Cheyenne Cheyenne is offline Luxembourg Master russbo.com beta tester. Expert graphics designer. Queen of the Love Shack, Soveriegn of Satire, Overseer of the russbo children, friend, confidant, advisor to all. We call her momma. Cheyenne has been with us for many years. A loyal "russboian", she has been a long term contributor, advisor, and confidant, an individual who is always there when you need her, always ready to provide assistance, regardless of what that assistance may entail. An individual who to this day, remains a driving force towards keeping russbo.com on its devoted path. An individual, who successfully tackle's russbo's biggest and most difficult ongoing problem: keeping doc and the rest of us, in line. Mom. To think, we've never met her. Qi Gong 02-04-2003 08-27-2008
deepthroat's Avatar deepthroat deepthroat is offline Dengfeng A Chinese citizen who spends part of his time searching for "information" relevant to russbo.com's mission, "Deepthroat", lives and works in Beijing. He spends a great deal of his time traveling China, including the Shaolin and Dengfeng area. Deepthroat, named by doc as a reference to a famous political event in the US, (and, in reference to the very first VHS tape played on doc's very first big screen television), uncovers much of the secretive type of information that russbo.com reveals to the community. Consider "deepthroat" to be one of russbo.com's secret "insider" resources. Doc won't name them all.... Shaolin gong fu 04-16-2005 12-12-2010
onesp1ng's Avatar onesp1ng onesp1ng is offline Taizhong, Taiwan Martial arts expert and enthusiast. Accomplished Asia traveler. General know it all about all things martial arts and Asia. Well regarded, knowledgeable, and indispensable. What would we do without him. xingyiquan, changquan (including maifu, xiaohuyan, etc) , digongquan (including dahuyan, lianwuzhang, etc), tanglangquan (including tanglangshou, lipi, etc), yangshi taijiquan (yangshouzhong and wushaolin's versions), bajiquan (xiaojia), baduanjin, zifagong... 03-15-2003 11-21-2012
Princess's Avatar Princess Princess is offline Las Vegas, Nevada Well, our Princess is just that. A princess. The official russboTeam goddess. She fulfills many important roles at the world famous russbo Command Center, where the entirety of this web site is created. Companion. Advisor. Creator of chocolate chip cookies. Beloved maid and laundress. Feeder of the dog. We would be lost without her. And, she's not real. But, we like to think that she is, because, well, we need a good looking woman to inhabit the russbo Command Center to keep us company. Sometimes, a large hairy German Shepherd farting on the floor just isn't enough. Princess actually has a key role in all of this; we use Princess for debugging our forum software. The forums here have become extremely complicated, with all sorts of new and altered software code that doc seems to get completely befuddled with. Our Princess becomes an alter ego for other various experts, some of doc's friends (yes, he has one or two of those) who visit to help debug some of the software creations and beta products that we use and test in our forums. She's also used by others that doc trusts to run things in the forums, while doc is not around. If you really, really desire, come to Las Vegas where the russboTeam lives and plays, and we'll introduce you to your very own princess, specially picked to meet your exact specifications. We know a lot of them. Boy, do we. I need martial arts? 01-24-2006 05-31-2010
Steve's Avatar Steve Steve is offline Hot Hell of Las Vegas A long term friend of doc's, a frequent traveler to Thailand, and, a "martial artist non-pareil" (he has no interest in the martial arts whatsoever), Steve has been the driving force behind the graphics and multimedia production for russbo.com, over many years. His artistic ability and creativity, and his ablitiy to learn and embrace new software programs, has led russbo.com to become the force it is today. Plus, his skills as the russbo.com beta tester are never overwhelmed by doc's continual software coding disasters. A true Photoshop, Premiere, and Computer problem solving master, russbo.com wouldn't advance without him. And, in his most infamous and beloved role, he's used as bait at Church so that the goddesses will talk to doc. Goddesses just love long hair. Really. not much 02-05-2003 09-28-2015
tetsumaru's Avatar tetsumaru tetsumaru is offline points to his open hand Russbo Forum poster turned russboTeam member (yeah it's that easy). He has spent many an hour at work "researching" Shaolin and various martial arts. He knows a thing or two about a thing or two but wouldn't consider himself an expert on anything except generalizations and stereotypes. A student of Shaolin martial arts for almost 5 yrs, he has had a strong interest in all martial arts since a young age. He has studied with a few famous and not so famous martial arts masters in the US and abroad. However, He still isn't any good. Shaolin (Gong li, mizhong, Xing-yi, Baji, Di-tong, Iron Palm, Longfist, Spear, Broadsword, autobot, deceptacon...) ka-rotty, tai chee Yang style, aikido (tsumaranai), and Honky style 02-25-2004 07-11-2008
Uwe's Avatar Uwe Uwe is offline Wood Dale, Illinois, USA Scholar. Writer. Linguist. Translator. Volunteer. Martial arts expert for four decades. One who actually practices on a daily basis. One who trains in many different martial arts, including Shaolin. Oh, and there's military stuff that we can't talk about because it's classified. Uwe is our resident all knowing guy. One who has sifted through the nonsense, one who really knows what he's talking about. And above all, he's something that the rest of us aspire to. He's a gentleman. Held in the highest regard by all of us. Shaolin Temple Boxing, Tai Kit Kuen Kung Fu 03-21-2003 01-29-2014
YOU!'s Avatar YOU! YOU! is offline somewhere Yes, that's right. Just think about it. You, a russboTeam member. Fast cars, beautiful women, global admiration, no money. But, the satisfaction that you're contributing something worthwhile for our worldwide community to enjoy, and learn from, is truly an unparalleled experience. You'll sleep better at night. Become a russboTeam member and change your life forever. Contribute regularly to our russbopedia, our web site, our Forum / Library, or any of our other sections. Start that new life, as a russboTeam member, today! Contact doc for more details. 01-16-2006 01-16-2006
yqsqzr's Avatar yqsqzr yqsqzr is offline beijing A very good long term friend of doc's, Yong currently lives in Beijing. He spent many years training at a Shaolin school in Dengfeng, which was supervised by Shi Xing Hong. He eventually became one of Shi Xing Hong's disciples, and to this day, continues to visit the Shaolin area and train. He spends his time in Beijing and Dengfeng working on various multi-media presentations for russbo.com, and currently is a manager of russboasia, russbo.com's International Training Center in Phuket, Thailand. Doc and Yong first met in Shaolin back in 1997. They have trained there together ever since. Shaolin gong fu 04-26-2005 05-25-2005