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    "My master, xxxx xxxxx has been teaching the only authentic and real Shaolin gong fu here in Las Vegas for many years. He is a fourth degree black belt in karate, having learned the Shaolin gong fu from a Chinese master in California many years ago. His master spent many years living at the Shaolin temple in Taiwan. My master is a real monk, and is the only direct and true descendant of Shaolin here in the US. I know this because I am his disciple. And he speaks Chinese because he's learning it now. He is the greatest!"

    If that is typical of the emails you get then going though your email must be hilarious. It is funny to see someone out there actually thinks that way and is willing to put it down in writing. I just hope it was some child who wrote that. If it came from an adult then my faith in the intelligence of mankind dropped a little. Still, I found it very good for a laugh.

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    Yes, it's kind of typical. But, with respect to that email, I think it refers to an individual who presents himself as being an "ordained Shaolin priest", one who runs his school as a religious "non-profit organization" (which is great for tax purposes), and allegedly lives with the ex-wife of one of his students, well, ex-student. We've had instances where their students have come to our school to learn for a bit, and then return to their own school to teach what we've taught them. I've been told through reliable sources that they go so far as to advertise to various fitness clubs in town, the fact that they teach the "same stuff" as "that school with the monk", because they train with him, and are "affiliated" with him.

    It just gets more and more bizarre.
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    Is this still avaiable for purchase?

    Does still receive these types of emails?

    I understand where some of these people are coming from. I sent in my $50 registration to that school in Jilin...Oh yeah I got accepted.

    People don't think about what they are doing. They are so blinded by the possiblity of something they want so bad might come true. Maybe that's how the "monks" here in the US feel. They got to (china/america). They are (getting paid/paying) for "SHAOLIN" training. If they continue just a little longer they can go and open up their own school and be monetarily self-sufficient.

    There's something more I want to say about this but I can't get the proper wording's early.

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    haha got a couple, fake shifu's that might find this in handy

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    i absolutely love it

    i absolutely love this "Shaolin Monk Starting Kit".

    It is sooooooooooo close to the truth i don't even know if i should laugh to death or cry. Or maybe both together to make sure that i will die ironically as i deserve!

    Seriously guys, forget about Shaolin, it's a brand, it's OVER, even for Chinese -since long...

    At least i'm glad i read from objective people who can differenciate the taste of shit from the taste of honey.

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    Damn, almost forgot we made that almost 3 years ago.
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