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Thread: Magick

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    I went to a magiC show in Vegas Not too great. But they were free tickets-- we only had to sell 2 hours of our life for timeshare lectures.
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    What if the spirits are things around you, that people hallucinate to think are "spirits".
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    And what if the spirits you invoke come not from outside but from inside? What if the demigods are aspects our unconscious minds/souls?

    Some hindi traditions beleive that all the dieties of the universe reside in specific parts of the human body. For example, Sri Gonesha lives in your sacrum.
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    I guess one could also propose that the spirits one sees are simply things that are observed that the miond can't comprehend and simply fills in the blanks with (in)appropriate info. This is common when using hypnosis with crime victims and victims of alien abduction to bring out details that have been supressed. IE under hypnosis two victims of an (alleged) abduction both described the alien exactly the same, except the wife described a face with a huge nose, and the husband described one without a nose at all. The Psychoanalyst involved chalked this up to a common phenomenon (which I can't recall the name of) and assumed that the "alien" probably didn't have a nose, and the wife's mind simply filled in the missing info (in the case a nose) because in her mind a face should have one. My Teacher used to describe the visions one may have in meditation as such...We are not necessarily speaking to ascended Masters, but perhaps simply discovering knowledge we already posessed, and because of the dream-like nature of some types of meditation, our minds put a fanciful spin on the episode to try to reconcile where it got the info from.
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    recovering "supressed memories" while under hypnosis is mostly a process of "filling in the blanks" anyway. people just give it more weight because they make things up while in a trance-like state rather than making things up while they're awake. there's a reason this **** isn't usually admissible in court.

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