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Thread: Olsen Twins

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    Olsen Twins

    One month and ten days left till they are 18, but the girls are victims of being just like every other Hollywood Child Star.

    SHE'S only 17 and maybe one of the richest teenagers in the world, but much of the attention on Mary-Kate Olsen lately has been her weight.

    Too thin? ... Mary-Kate Olsen, left, with sister Ashley.

    Once again there was speculation overnight that the youngster is suffering from an eating disorder as she attended the premiere of her new movie, New York Minute with Ashley.

    Mary-Kate looked thin and gaunt at the premiere of the film, their first major feature.

    There has been talk in the industry about the twins' eating habits, with lots of lettuce and veggie burgers in their diet.

    As well as intense speculation on Mary-Kate's weight, the movie is attracting terrible reviews.

    So how long till they are in Playboy?
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    Barbi Twins

    After posting about the Olsens, I thought how much they are becoming like the Barbi Twins.
    Shane and Sia Barbi have talked alot about their eating disorders and how they both have almost died from being sick from their bizarre diets. Are the Olsens far from following in the footsteps of the Barbi Twins?
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    Wait, I'm having a vision.

    Yes, I can see it clearly now.

    I'm in a soft comfy chair, the lights are dim, and I'm falling into a deep, meditative trance as the music rocks me into another world....

    Mary Kate comes up to me, with a thin pouty smile on her face.

    "Do you want a dance?"
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    lol... ah, another church dream for doc....
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