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Thread: Religious and social life

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    and now you want to kidnap my daughter ??? my my we talk large on a forum..see you when you get here...did I mention I'm qualified to body guard??? Idiot cult!!!!

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    uh.... who are you talking to?

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    Ever since this forum was enriched with BTL, I have observed that he tends to speak in riddles.
    My wisdom has only been able to dechipher a few of them.

    Though I am oftentimes able understand his remarks, they seldom make sense.

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    I believe that Blooming is a woman, Asger. This is also very interesting, I'd like to know who's sending her these threats. I personally think that it's not anyone originally from this forum, I have never seen anything like this since I started coming to this forum four years ago.

    What's going on Blooming? Is everything okay?
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    Somebody was using the chat room??

    Well, looking back on my life, I tended to get my death threats in a more personal, direct sort of way, from real known people.

    This new way, over the internet, seems so much more, well, "modern".

    Interesting post for the "Religioius and Social LIfe" thread.
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    Lol @ death threat moderisation .............

    It's all a bit rediculous and I don't really perceive a threat until it's directly and urgently in front of me, so that russbo.cult and BigRedFist can air raid all they like. It just makes me take them less seriously each time they do. And yah, I thought it was a little funny the chat room was being used myself

    I'm okay really, and though I've never dealt with nor even heard of anything remotely like this, I've since spoken to a couple of ppl om it, and apparenytly , empty net death threats by loud mouthed idiots is all the rage in the forum world. Well dammed if I didn't just get brought up to speed! ( rolleyes ).
    Sorry about the post location too.I wasn't sure where to put it..........

    enough said anyway ................. idiots will be idiots and psychopaths will be psychopaths. It's part of our world I guess and no doubt part of why we train. It comes or your prepared anyway......... or they succeed and you die and it doesn't matter to you anymore.

    Cheers and thx for the support and pms

    Blooming Lotus

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    Bl, are you paranoid, or just really good at pushing unstable people over their thresholds?
    Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.

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    a guy named bigredfist. death threats. wow, i need to hang here more often. how do i meet this guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daodejing
    Bl, are you paranoid, or just really good at pushing unstable people over their thresholds?

    There's no good answer to this question................

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    "I believe that Blooming is a woman..." - Fa Hui

    What's the difference... I should not resort to dichotomies. A true sage should regard both genders with the same amount of respect.

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