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Thread: Religious and social life

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    Where did this russbo cult thing first get mentioned? Lost in the trash bin of russbo history...
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    I have no idea, but I didn't know they existed myself until BigRed showed up at KFM and started making threads to have to cause an uprise against me ( like I wasn't having some nice arguments as it was) and then Gene tells me he got a load of this BL hate mail. I still didn't really put it all together until the idiot chats to me on russbos digichat, throwing his threats around and telling me all about who he and they were and how "the russbo culkt have spoken" and didn't want me posting or I would die!

    Just to confirm the non-existance of that phallus you thought I might be in possesion of, I was going to post a pic of myself that they ( the "cult") posted on martial talk under the thread title " this woman needs help" , in hopes everyone would point and laugh, (though unfortunately for them the folks over there seemed to think that my eyebrows looked fine the way the are and my tight little bod was a non -issue either, and even thought I was attractive of all things ( rolleyes), but the thread was rightfully deleted so guess the pic'll have to wait.

    No phallus, no pointing and no clue where they where they sprung from ( nor the thread it started with) nor why they devote so much of their time to me. Guess I should nearly feel priviliged really........... crazy kids.


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    I shoulda jumped in on this thread when it was still incubating...
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