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Thread: What to teach a Shaolin Monk

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    Doc said: What do they need to change to become enlightened? I don't know how to become enlightened, so I can't answer that. But for the most part, they might want to start acting more like monks.

    So it is kind of vicious circle. If they need to act more like monks, they also need to think about their level of compassion towards animals. Now, just for the eating part of relation with animals, do buddhism advocate vegetarianism just as a religious rule per se, or is it born from some compassionate insight? I would tend to believe that buddhist vegetarianism comes from a compassionate insight of the will of most animals to continue living and not suffer.

    But that is just a belief.
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    An academic study of the history of meat eating and animal sacrifice in jainism and hinduism

    and one more link about the current day meat eating hindus in india.

    which one is most in line which the traditional practices of the beliefs?

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