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Thread: Chinese Numerology

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    Chinese Numerology

    Quite the interesting subject. This was brought to my attention because I noticed that my log said that I signed up on 8-8-04....two eights is considered very good in Chinese thought. The word "eight" sounds like prosperous, "four" sounds like death, so on and so forth.

    But numerolog is pretty interesting, if anyone wanted me to look up something like their "life paths" or whatnot, go ahead and give me your birthdays, it's pretty interesting how everything works out, hehehheh.
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    9/26/1983. my birth date has some pretty mean implications, with or without chinese numerology. check it out:

    9 is the first number. okay, 9 is 3 times 3, and everyone knows 3 is a magical number. so i'm looking good right from the start. now, the next number is 2. take 2 of those 3's, and what do you have? 6!! holy ****, so "9/26" definitely has some cosmic significance.

    okay, now. the FIRST number in the date was 9, hence "19"! 2 times 2 times 2... that's right, 2 multiplied by itself THREE TIMES... and here's where it gets really interesting... EQUALS EIGHT!!! "198"!! and because 3 has obviously been the theme of my birth date, it only makes sense that the number THREE should END IT!!!! "9/26/1983!!!"

    that settles it, i'm going to write a book about myself.

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    August 8th is Ba Ba, chinese father's day.
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