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Thread: Search function

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    Search function

    I wanted to do a search on "jow" but i couldn't because the query must be 4 letters or longer.
    I even tried "good jow" but just because ONE of the words were below 4 chars long it didn't search.

    This is ridiculous. Please fix this problem ASAP!

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    Jow What? Try using Google.

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    It's a limitation of the vbulletin forum. I'll have to search through the files on the server for this when I get back home, in a few weeks. Remember, the site has a google like search engine associated with it, in the java script menu to the left also. It won't search the forum though; you have to use the various forum's search engines to search the forums.

    In the meantime, try adding a wildcard to it. Type this in the search box of the forum:


    (asterisk above number 8). You can put a wildcard both before and after your search entry.

    The four letter limit prevents ridiculous searches, such as the letters "and".
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