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Thread: On studying the I ching-

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    On studying the I ching-

    I've got a version that I've never opened, but at this point in my traing, it seems usefull. Most of the profs, MA teachers, and chinese I've spoken to have said that the fortune telling aspect of it isn't going to matter much, and I should look at it in every other way before that. So, I'm looking for a bibliography of some kind to study it. Also, I've discovered the Cheng&tsui series on Chinese language to be enormously helpful in learning Mandarin and classical chinese. thought I'd add it. Thanks

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    Just so you know that the Yi Jing (I Ching) is something that comes originally from Taoism not Confuciunism. That was later added. This is in the wrong section.
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    I've been led to belive through research that the Yi is integral to the four basics as well as confucianism- It's inclusion on regional, Imperial and military exams seems to indicate this. As for my question, I'll have a new bibliography and some links in about 10 days. Part of a research paper I've got to turn in.

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    confucious schools along with his disciples ran concurrent to todays daosist root systems, and Lao tsu, was indeed a daoist figure. If your research has turned up other facts ( as sometimes happens in the academic world ) , no doubt we'll all be curious to read what you have.

    Fyi :- post confucism or towards its' decline, coupled with daoism, when buddhism also hit China, Indian Buddhism ( from it's contraversial root , where ever the hell that was....and I think that's topic for another thread altogether) met daoism and confucism and shaolin was born a short time later. I 'm going to get back to you with you some related threads sometime soon.

    til then

    happy researcgh


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