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    Why do we even care about such trivial matters as age or time, they are but illusions created in the mind's desperate attempt to make some sense out of things.

    Great material for using on future prospective girlfriends.

    Once they become old enough to date....
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    I would prefer it the other way around.
    Can't afford that much acid you see.

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    How long did you stay in China for the first time?
    Peace out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChenZen
    Hey, just curious, how old were you when you went for the first time at shaolin for the first time and where you were from?
    I'm from Canada.

    The first time I visit Shaolin I will be 26. I am now 25.

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    Doc- i approve of the use of the quote. church comes to mind.

    Zachsan- that was another potential gatorade out the nose moment. It must be great to never have to apologize for jokes after making them (*sigh*).

    And for the purpose of this trip, i have no ambition to visit Shaolin as it holds no uniquely special meaning to me. I must say though that i've met some really cool and meaningful friends who came from the place.

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