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    What's up guys,long time no see,heh lets see here hppy valentines day merry christmass happy halloween and all those other ones i missed. I like the new look, glad to see soem familliar faces still paosting and lotsa new ones maybe after all this time there starting to come out of the word work!Anyway was i was wandering what kinda exercises can i do to improves my vertical and horizantal jump?


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    Jumping.. aka hops...

    Um, weighted squats (some say you'd want to do ~100 over your body weight), you want to build up some strength, then move on to different excersises...

    Go to a basketball court find a back board, and try to jump and touch it as many times as possible.

    Do athletic skips across a field, bring your knee up as high as you can, jumping as high as you can.

    calf raises

    Frog jumps- all fours on ground, sort of crouching like a frog, jumping as far forward as you can, do that for about 50 feet, turn around, do it again..

    Do a google search, there are some good things out there.
    practice wu de

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