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Thread: russboasia CONTEST (DISCUSSION ONLY)

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    What kind of weapons? A sword may be able to be checked into baggage, but not carried on the plane.

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    We have weapons. We have everything here.

    And don't think that the "odds are good". I'm getting a lot of email about this venture already....

    Be creative boys and girls (you too BL). And you're not limited to just one submission....
    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

    "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

    (more comments in my User Profile)

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    I've been planning....
    practice wu de

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    Quote Originally Posted by blooming tianshi lotus
    And quite clearly he couldn;t come up with a plan to get there himself it seems!

    You'd get on well with my little brother......he thinks that despite his russbo influence, satan controls the world aswell!!!


    Blooming Lotus
    Hah, no kidding. Isnt it awesome how ugly you are in that pic SStylee posted? LOL *sigh* that guy, what a sense of humor posting a picture of a Pug on the web and saying its you. Imagine that!

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    Isn't it just. I'm nearly dissappointed you didn't mention my daughters plait hair I just brushed out.......... that would've been a great point all on it's own!
    BTW: you seem to have the wrong thread !


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    Quote Originally Posted by doc
    (you too BL). And you're not limited to just one submission....

    awww..... personal invites Rich???? lol...........

    I wasn't joking back there though when I said I wouldn't be able to squeeze you in just yet ( although that replacement oil boy might expediate the itinerary just a little )........ If it'll help though, I'll definately work on some reply creativity for you allinstead. Besides, in case you missed the conga song a few posts up, you know where my vote lays anyway .


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    Well, whether or not I win, I still want to come out there. Be interesting to work with some different people.
    "If you want pure self-defense buy a can of mace." Grandmaster Villari (I think that is it).

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    I think that's something we all have in common. It'll be agreat buzz for each of us for whatevertf it's worth individually and for whatever raeson we each have.

    How ever wins'll no doubt deserve to be there aswell, but to those who are planning to turn up on their own resources sometime down the line , just bear in mind, I may even into run into you there myself and all oil hand skilled will considered favourababley

    cheers and luck to you all


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    Quote Originally Posted by onesp1ng
    I guess thats a technical term....
    practice wu de

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