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Thread: Russbo Thailand School: Russboasia

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaolinstylee
    Coyote Ugly, Thai style...

    Nice pics Steve...
    There was a place called "Coyote Ugly", but I think they were all Ladyboys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve
    There was a place called "Coyote Ugly", but I think they were all Ladyboys.

    Damn.. that suxors, no need to even want to find out either.
    practice wu de

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    Doc, i just wanted to know if you'd gotten around to reading the email that i sent you, or if you'd recieved it at all. I understand that you are very busy, but i need the letter and information ASAP. I can sen you another, with all the questions and mailing information that were on the last one if you need me to.

    please respond as soon as possible, i'd like to get all of this under control fairly soon here.

    thank you very much.

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    [Oops, accidentally double posted last post]
    .................................................. ...................
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    I realise that this is technically a triple post, and thats not really good, but it's something that I have to say.

    I received an email from doc the other day that read:

    "We might be shutting down operations here for a bit, due to unexpected circumstances out of our control. So, we will be back up and running most probably in February. Sorry for any problems that this might have caused you.


    Now, I have email doc already asking for further information on the situation and for some help finding a school to train at until February. Right now I can't do much else, as it is far too late to apply for university now, and I have already spent nearly $2K on imunnizations for Thailand.

    Could someone please help me find another place that I can train, or give me some other options? For example I was contemplating just learning Muay Thai until February when i can start with the Shaolin training. But this presents other problems for me; my TKD instructor (who has studied kung fu since he was 3) told me, when I confronted him about training Muay Thai for half a year and Shaolin Kung Fu for the other half, told me that it was not a very good idea since the kung fu is so complex that it would take me a year just to learn the basics (and i don't doubt him at all) also, I've been told that the Muay Thai training in Phuket is not as good as the training offered in smaller cities outside of Phuket. So now I'm left with the question of what to do. Right now, Shaolin takes priority over any other martial art, but I will training in another art if shaolin is not availabe.

    Also, if you could confirm this email that you sent me on the message boards here (as I do not see it on the news/recent events section of the website) and possibly tell us what is the matter and what has to be done, it would be much appreciated as it would spread some light on my situation. Is there anything that any of us can do to help keep the school open?

    Anyone whos knows anything, please respond ASAP!

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    I care.

    What can we do to help, doc?

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    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Been having a myriad of legal issues concerning some local Thai's. The tsunami has really hurt the economy, and unfortunately, with my companies, I've been a target for money. I could write a book about the whole concept of "face" in Asia after these past few weeks.

    The issue, other than that (for me), is that we're currently dealing with, of all things, a long term visa for our manager. He's from China, and will assist with the teaching. We have people working on getting this for him, but, as I've said in the first paragraph, some of the locals here on currently residing on a different plane of existance and thought. We are almost done with the process, and we don't expect to be denied. It's just paperwork (and money) at this time.

    Hope to get this visa issue hammered out within the next week or so. As I said, I don't think that it's going to be a problem. If we cannot get this issue resolved, then we will get you into another school situation here in Thailand to cover your training. That won't be a problem.

    As for your other comments, we have some excellent MT teachers in Phuket, and the outlying islands. Also, it can take a week, or a lifetime, to learn the "basics" in gong fu. The combination of MT and gong fu, I think, is an excellent one, as they offer an incredible mix in training aspects. They're totally different, yet, in some ways, teach similar principles. Remember, MT is related to Chinese sanda, though simplified. MT is, in my mind, a little more "fun", as the contact with the pads and the bags make it more enticing.
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    ok then, heartbeat is slowing down a little bit now!

    you had me worried something fierce! I was already starting to look for other schools in the area....

    I'll contact you doc when i get the travel arangements and arrival dates/times sorted out.

    thanks alot and see you soon...

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