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Thread: Muay Thai Professional Instructor training..

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    Muay Thai Professional Instructor training..

    Congrats on opening the new training center - looks great!

    Noticed you offer this..

    "Traditional Muay Thai Professional Instructor training, resulting in official Thailand university certification."

    What does that entail? How long is the course? What are the entry requirements? How is someone classed as 'qualified' to start instructor training?

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    I will put more on the web site about this later. It's not an easy issue.

    Getting Thai certification as a Muay Thai instructor, not only "certifies" you to teach Muay Thai, but also to judge it. I say "certifiy" because most Muay Thai teachers out there, don't have certification. That's not to say that they are bad instructors, it just means that they don't have the official Thai government certification. There is a process to this.

    Most Thai teachers go to four years of university for this. However, while they're training in this, they're also taking typical college courses on top of it.

    The separate certification course is about one hundred hours, and can be completed usually within two months of fairly rigorous training. Not all training is in fighting; there are courses in psychology (an important component of Muay Thai), history, kinesthesiology, anatomy, techniques, judging, fighting skills, etc. The course is taught by at least five different professors, and some of the classes are done either at the University of Krabi, or the University of Bangkok. We can teach most of the course here, with our Thai boxing coaches. I volunteer my time to teach part of it also. But because this involves many other teachers (university professors), there is a lot of planning that has to be done, and a significant cost involved.

    We would most likely need a minimum amount of students for this course, as the logistics of running this are pretty significant. And the cost of the course would probably range around $3000, not including housing and food. (We can arrange very inexpensive housing and food though, through our institute here).

    I'm putting together all of the details now, and I'll have it in the russboasia part of the site soon.
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