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Thread: Learn Ba Ji and avoid BULLETS@!!

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    Learn Ba Ji and avoid BULLETS@!!

    Came across this on the net. Apparently...

    A top Ba Ji master can suddenly move out of the way of a bullet from a close range handgun (this level is not very useful, so please don't try this on any BaJI practitioners.)
    LoL! Seems pretty useful to me..'ba%20ji'


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    Bullet dodging speed would be incredibly useful, as I am allergic to bullets and would like to avoid them.

    I do appreciate where it says "dont try this on BaJi practicioners", because I was going to go find one on my lunch hour and shoot at him so he could prove his supreme speed, but now I suppose I'll just go train at the park instead.
    Whatever doesn't kill me had better be able to run damn fast.

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    hahaha not useful, usual.

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    oh that makes sense then. although it should read something more like "don't try this on any baji practitioners, because currently murder is illegal."

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    and I was thinking shaolin would give me the speed... I guess I'll have to start studying more Emei styles.
    practice wu de

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    Well, point being...: I am not a "top ba ji master," so please wait a while till you start shooting this way.


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    I found this on the old threads. Funny. I just learned the baji form. Fire when ready!

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    with listening power i can read the intent of the bullet. now if only it would stay still for a couple seconds so i can move out of the way. maybe if i circle walk counterclockwise enough i can slow time down to a stop, that way i can project fa jing into the bullet and cause it to explode into a trillion subatomic particles, damn im good.
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    Baji doesn't circle walk....anyway baji is a great system although i'm not sure about its speed in dodging bullets...It usually has straight on attacks and some long range attacks as well....anyone ever read the japanese manga called "Kenji"? ....learn some japanese and read it if you haven't...I think they try dodging bullets on many occasions in the follows a kid who learns baji from his grand dad and goes through china learning new styles and trying to find his grand pappy...he ends up training with shaolin monks its pretty cool i wish they would make an english version of it....maybe the storyline about how japan raped china during the world war doesn't go so well for a kids comic here in the US.
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    mind the fact that you can barely find any info about nanjing, and its definately not discussed in history class

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