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Thread: :: Get Them Out Of That Hell ::

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    :: Get Them Out Of That Hell ::

    Every day they bring to us from Iraq our son's bodies in a war with no meaning and with only one target which is the satisfaction of Mr. Bush

    Mr. Bush, who pushes our country to a new vietnam

    he said that the reason of that war is to get out saddam from Iraq but it seems that oil was the target.

    And what is the price, it is the blood of our son's which are killed daily on hands of iraqi resistance, it is our country resources which decrease day by day , but unfortunately bush administration controls the media

    In our country today the news of our defeat is faked into victory & only the filled half of the glass is shown

    Please participate to stop the misleading and share us to stop blood and money bleeding.

    I think that most of you will not believe me when I inform you that more than 28.000 soldiers have been killed in Iraq but this is what I have been seeing in the Arab news channels

    And the films that transmitted by the terrorists on those channel and on the internet that shows their operations in Iraq documented by video, beside some friends of mine confirmed these informations from there friends that are fighting in Iraq and that they are living in a hell . The terrorist's operations range is between 80 to more than 100 operations daily in Iraq and at least 85% are effective & has deadly casualtys. to confirm truth of these claims there was several sites that were established by me before and it has been removed, you can guess of course by whom? To make sure of what i am saying And to make you watch and feel how our soldiers live in iraqi hell I will bring to your own eyes the visible evidences, documents and scenes from this daily hell that confirm this.

    ((some evidences will help u to know the truth & u wil find more in the website)) :-

    Destruction of an American Tank


    Martyrdom operation against The Britain Soliders



    Hummer destroyed by IED in Baghdad


    Hummer destroyed by IED in Redwaniah


    Hummer destroyed by IED in Baghdad


    Hummer destroyed In Fallujah


    us plane down


    Tank destroyed by IED in Abu-Gharieb


    Tank Destroyed In Baghdad


    Martyrdom operation in Baghdad


    And the Hummers destructions continue...

    ::: To join us click here :::

    Please participate to stop the misleading and share us to stop blood and money bleeding.

    And please if you have an answer to this question please do "for whom thousands of our son's die in a war only for Mr. Bush satisfaction?"

    @@ The Truth Seekers Team @@

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    i thought he was going to talk about BL.

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    While i do personally find the war in Iraq and the actions taken by the US in related issues increasingly difficult to justify and defend, i find it callous and rude to make a new name and start a random thread like this here. if you are not related, go post on a political forum. if you post here regularly, use your usual name. we've all gotten into some pretty heated debates, yet very few have ever left the site because of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zachsan
    i thought he was going to talk about BL.
    lol, me too.. lucky escape..

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    I love the way it quotes Arabic news numbers for our troop casualty's. Talk about seeing things with blinders on.

    Now take your liberal bull and stick it.

    I hate liberals! They are insane.

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    I think something really annoying is people calling Bush "Mr. Bush." If you don't want to fork over his rightful title, don't feign respect by calling him "Mr. Bush". It just seems stupid and childish. Ugh, that's been grinding on my nerves for a long time.
    Becoming what I've dreamed about.

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    I can't believe you said that. I said the same thing word for word to my friend after I posted.

    He is the leader of the free world. Show some respect.

    It's Mr. President!!

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    is this really so important?

    anyway, im waiting for the original poster to post again. otherwise this is a waste of time, and cyberspace which makes these damn pages all the more difficult to load these days.

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    This smells of ret law, doesn't it?
    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

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