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Thread: Shi De Cheng (and brother), return to Las Vegas (yet again), this fal.l

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    Shi De Cheng (and brother), return to Las Vegas (yet again), this fal.l

    Shi De Cheng will be returning to the US sometime during the month of November, for his usual annual winter stay. He and his brother, China's famed National Sanda Champion for nine years, will be guests again, at the Russbo Command Center (the famed doc house) for the typical period of time. They will be closely involved with the Las Vegas school during their stay.

    More information on the annual "Monksgiving", annually held at my house, soon. Stay tuned for more details.
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    Just a heads up:

    Shi De Cheng and brother will be coming to Las Vegas to teach, sometime in very early December. He's expected to stay for a while this winter. We'll be hosting all sorts of seminars here, throughout his stay.

    As he won't be here before Thanksgiving, the usual party will be on December 10th. Check out the russbo CNI for more details.

    Start making your plans now.

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    "Merry Monkmas" postponed, until further notice

    Well, it was probably one of our worst fears. Upon hearing news that Xingwei had violated his US visa agreement, our main concern was the effect this would have upon our corporation's "reputation" with regards to the US Embassy in China, and, US immigration in general. "Losing" one of your visa recipients is not a good thing, especially, if it is a Chinese citizen. Being able to successfully invite other Chinese citizens in the future, was a primary concern of ours, and a necessary aspect of our continuing ability to provide genuine Shaolin training to our students.

    The Russbo Education Corporation and its officers spent over two difficult years and over ten thousand dollars, (including a few trips to China to get needed materials), working with US Immigration to obtain O-1 work visas for Shi De Cheng and Xingwei. Obtaining a visa for an individual from China can be a nightmarish, prolonged procedure, and, usually, an unsuccessful one. But, we had eventually been successful, having had relied upon some US senators for help.

    Shi De Cheng and his brother obtained US visas previously, under the auspices of the Russbo Education Corporation, without problems.

    They were not successful this year.

    We will continue to work on this issue, and will keep you informed.

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