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Thread: looking for a video

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    looking for a video

    hello everybody!

    one day, i have visited this site in particular on the video library and i had seen a video of 3 mans practicing a shaolin tao. There were a monk, and behind him on the right, a black man and on the left a white man and i am looking for this video because i think that this black man is my master. The video was long and we could also see a demostration of the monk on broadsword, straightsword... so can you find this video for me or give me the link which will able me to watch again this video? thank you a lot !

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    I think the one you're talking about is the XingWei tribute video
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    c'mon man he's too lazy to do a search, he want's you to do it for him!

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    Some of the videos are now in the Ellite section. I had moved them there during the process of "building" that area. Unfortunately, we're not finished with that section yet, primarily because, Ive been spending night and day getting the rest of the site moved and rebuilt. All the videos are still here. Somewhere....
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    yeah tried to search for a couple, but god damn, so far back through the system

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