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Thread: The advantages of dating younger women

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    i can see his avatar. its gay.

    and i agree with mortal..lololo

    actually never been to a club because of this reason, ive been to bars..but thats not really my scene either except for the yak.

    theres also not alot of clubs around here, not like nyc anyway. also alot of cock suckers whod rather shoot/stab you then fight if u aggrovate them in this area..not sayin im scared to go out just..annoying i guess
    "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus

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    Mortal, Paris Hilton's independent in the feminist sense, i.e., she doesn't need a husband to feel good about herself. But, apparently, she needs a whole lot of **** buddies. So maybe you're right. How the hell did we get to talking about Paris Hilton again?

    For the record, no girl has ever admitted to me that she likes or wants to be like Ms. Hilton. But the "clubs" I go to are rock and blues clubs, or just regular bars and not clubs at all, so we might be talking about two different things. Of course, whatever the kind of alcohol being served, there will always be girls there, looking for attention, and God bless them.
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    wow thats just nasty

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    somehow you managed to sound misogynistic and chivalrous at the same time. Confusing but somehow charming.

    Women who need husbands to feel good about themselves are simply damaged. Being able to be happy alone makes you a normal psychologically healthy person, that's all. I'm feminist and I love men - I simply like having them around, romantically and otherwise.

    In Paris' case she's simply a famous slut with a film crew. And my bet is that she's not at all happy without some kind of attention being paid to her. Her looks and sexuality are all she's got, and her 15 minutes are almost up - she's two panties-around-her-ankles steps away from being a question on Jeopardy.

    While I personally believe women should be able to do whatever they want with thier bodies (I think prostitution should be legal in the US and the women who do it for a living protected by standards and healthcare), Paris' behavior does nothing but hurt the popular image of women by reinforcing stereotypes. Hence, she's no feminist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by plumflower_pm
    she's two panties-around-her-ankles steps away from being a question on Jeopardy.
    Absolutely classic!
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    This all reminds me of that South Park episode dealing with Ms. Hilton. "Stupid spoiled whore, video play set!"

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    I love that episode and it proves all my points! They are repubs and 9 out of 10 times I agree with them.

    60% of the time it works everytime.

    That doesn't make sense.

    Anchorman Ron Burgundy

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    haha damn that episode was gold, lol

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    They are republicanish, come to think of it, except that they regularly make fun of Jesus and Christians (which will get you automatically kicked out of the party). And there was that "They're gonna take our jobs!" episode. Oh, and the entire Team America movie, which pretty much was made to make fun of Mortal. America - F*ck Yeah!!

    But since, of course, there are only two options, I guess they're republicans.

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    So in context of a Team America analogy, which would have a better advantage for dating younger women?

    A dick?

    An Asshole?

    Or a pussay (****ing censor)?

    "What is barely legal?" - Ali G

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