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Thread: The advantages of dating younger women

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    well a dick, because they **** poon and assholes!

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    Well it would either be a dick or a pussay (******* censors again!) that would be good at dating younger women, because assholes just sh*t all over everything.

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    hahaha, lol, actually now as you mention it, alot of the younger girls these days seem to be more into the emo guys/ pussays in my area, gonna have to start giving out razor blades soon

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    Nah, bitches just like to dominate them n shit. Either that or they like to set up two emo guys as they [she] watches.
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    wow thats just as nasty as the girl in the middle, actually i remember starting a fight with a bunch of faires for making out in a club... good times when you know the owners

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    what ae you guys talking about?
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    umm, started talking about the chicks, then swayed onto what kinda of men women are into(sorta)..

    now we seem to be moving the direction of starting fights with homosexuals and getting away with it

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    why would you want to start a fight period? and with homo's? man you could catch herpes like that. lol, real spit.
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    haha, well when the owner want's to keep the club straight and the fact that i was being hit on, and there were no bouncers around, well unfortunately he relies on me to do some dirty work, can't complain though, never have to pay to get in, and drinks are always free, plus girls like guys who have a section in vip reserved for him, lol

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    Wow, I seem to have been gone for a while, and this is what I get to come back too... not bad.

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