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Thread: post your poetic nonsense

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    post your poetic nonsense

    I see so much pain,

    though happiness shines,

    the hardships, they shine brighter.

    As we cling to what pleases us,

    we come to what ceases us... resolution?

    where's my solution.

    Escape route,

    no way out,

    its more then just me,


    how id love to be free,

    to **** off my life,

    but i cant,

    and i wont,

    so i will not,

    and im still not,

    at peace,

    yet im closer,

    cuz im trying,

    instead of dying,

    day by day.
    "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"

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    *finger snaps*

    "What is barely legal?" - Ali G

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    guess the initial participation plan didn't really work out for you

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    it's better to have a the one plimflower did with this type of thing. I remember Master Splinter's poems where really good then as well.

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    hmm gonna have to do a look up about them, guess they would all still be in the rubber room

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    You can live, or you can die,

    You can laugh or you can cry.

    You can give or you can take,

    make the choice, its your mistake.

    If i can live in harmony, and i could die so peacefully,

    You wouldnt hear another word from me, my only fear is eternity,

    Without you,

    who are you.

    You can eat or you can spit,

    swallow down till your sick of it,

    feel the pain, watch the rain, lord i feel like i am insane,

    feel the joy and the ecstasy, and then you can take whatever's left of me.


    Another day, another time,

    maybe i will get to say goodbye,

    so take the lead, now that you are blind,

    To calm me down and give me peace of mind.

    Another mistake has befallen me,

    another safe place id rather be,

    I try to hide, but you can see.

    The real me.

    The real me.
    "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"

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    Not bad.

    Plato (if only the greeks hadnt all this political problems like slavery) in the republic says that poets should not be accepted in the city because that instead of contemplating the idea of goodness they are attached to the world of forms.
    Namo Guan Yin Pusa / Dont create suffering / Dont harm animals!

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    Where the **** does Plato come into all of this? Liu, you're a rip sometimes..

    MS, you're developing talent here man. You heading towards rap or some sort of music career?
    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

    "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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