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Thread: according to the bible, i hear...

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    I could be called agnostic or atheist, depending on how we feel like defining the words. I don't believe there's a God, so I'm atheist. But I don't deny the possibility that there is one, and I admit I don't really know one way or the other, so I'm agnostic. Usually I call myself atheist because that seems to better convey my objection to metaphysical thinking.

    Basically I find the whole question of God a somewhat silly one since there was never any evidence to raise the question, and no amount of evidence can answer it. To me, the practice of asking questions that can never be answered is called High Philosophy, that is, intellectual masturbation. But that's just me.

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    WoW Doc! Did they throw you out for fighting and failing after your first year too?!? I was smart enough to go there I just couldn't fit in with the snobs. Theses fags used to pic on freshmen and I used to punch them. The teachers thought I was wrong. olol Go figure.

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    damn all you people and your catholic schools, my eyes are burning just looking at this page

    but yeah, was raised catholic as well, went to catholic primary school then got expelled, for smaking the teacher back with the ruler,lol

    ubt i've long lost faith in any sort of religion that tries to control your thoughts and actions. don't get me wrong its a good moral guideline, but you have no freedom as to what you can relly do

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    I don't think you are really understanding what religion is about. It doesn't try to control your thought and actions. It wants you to control them on your own for you own well being and peace of mind. Just like buddhism in many ways. It sounds to me like your looking at religion through liberal website glasses. To be honest I am not religous. But if people need a vengful God in the sky to keeo them in line what is so bad about that?

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    Religion doesn't want anything at all. Religious people want all sorts of things, some more innocent than others.

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    i have heard many times by many christians that martial arts are a form of witchcraft.
    The problem is not with the religion. The problem is, with the "christians" that you are talking to.
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    religion may not "try" to control peoples' thoughts and actions, but it still succeeds in doing so...because the concept it portrays shapes major aspects of our lives. Actually, commonly shared myths have always performed some kind of truth even if they are unable to explain the conditions of the nature of truth accurately.

    Is martial arts witchcraft? perhaps, to a degree.
    Is it in line with a Christian's view of what witchcraft is? probably not.

    Is there a god? maybe.
    Is jesus the only son of god..blah blah? Again, probably not.

    So the nature of these myths or hypotheses can not ever be simply true or false. They're stronger and weaker accounts of our origin. Yet, these principles do seem very important to our rationality, for having a spiritual belief system gives personal meaning to many people, challenges them to better themselves, brings FEAR into their lives, etc. But as long as the belief in god is not allowed to be treated as a myth or hypothesis, exempt from criticism -- as is my experience with Christians and their philosophy -- the laws of nature and least for me....religion will continue to fall on the irrational side of the spectrum. I mean, today it's not only dangerous to challenge religion, it's stupid. People die when they stand up against religion. So I think "control" is a very relative question here.

    When you get down on your knees to pray, is that not a form of control? What if you could eliminate the notion of God in your life? Would you have had that
    urge to pray? Where does it come from? Can you be free from it? And why don't you stand on your head?

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    Haven't you heard of "Kicks for Christ"? Heathens.
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    prayer is one thing that all religions share, to me its just a way of looking deep within yourself and relieving stress with positive reinforcement,

    and no, i do not feel that it is a form of control, since when i pray, it is fully willing.

    i still pray to god, whoever or whatever it may be, and maybe thats my greatest strength, or my greatest weakness.
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    Splinter gotta stop talking in ultimates.

    Control is control whether you think it is or not. It's like me sitting down at my favorite tv show promptly at x time. It's control, but that doesn't mean it's bad or whatever.

    All religions are forms of control. Again, that doesn't make them wrong-- it just depends on the magnitude.
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