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Thread: Ever thought about selling time shares?

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    Ever thought about selling time shares?

    I work at a hotel, they are adding on BIG. There next expansion is timeshares.

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    It's a very common phenomena with hotels worldwide. They get people to buy the rooms, which basically finances the construction, and then they rent the room out, with some return to the owners. And, various concepts like that.
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    hmm well i've heard all about timeshares, and i think i'll pass, its a good investment for the hotel, but its a waste of money, almost as bad as renting an appartment (i'm not bashing here, i live in one as well)

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    I see all the construction in the that's being added on, and somebodies got to be making some money. Another thing is, that in the hotel, there is a place that is a paint your own pottery place. Seems like what you want to setup, is a resort, with martial arts as an attraction.

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    well with selling time shares comes the need for telemarketers, i hate telemarketers, and i can say that, because ive been one before.

    rather farfetched idea, dont you think? although not a bad one. im assuming you would need a business degree or something, hell i dont know, all i know is that i hate telemarketers.
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    hmm, telemarketing argh, yep hate those little fackers, got a couple friends that did it, and one ended up calling my house.... boy was that fun, lol

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