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Thread: Legitimate?

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    This is the reply the guy who teaches it agave me:


    Sorry it's took some time to reply.
    Truthly I don't know much about where the style comes from as such, I've
    seen what has been written on other pages but that is about it, most of them
    all contradict each other anyway.
    As far as I know it is a traditional style, it was taught to our late Master
    Bob Johnson by a Chinese professor T Wrong when he lived in China. Also
    when he was in the Police in China he learnt some more. A lot of the style
    is similar to Maku Basi which is Indian. The way it is taught in our club
    may be different, it's been taught as a true Martial Art, non of the sports
    or competitions.

    Are you interested in the stlye or the history? Fell free to come to any of
    the classes.



    Any ideas?

    help me, i'm confused

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    Well, it's not for me to rag on someone I don't know, but the site looked pretty hooey.

    But then again, this guy seems to be pretty frank and honest, though I'd expect a teacher to know a little more about what he teaches.

    Is the school far? Just try a class, the easiest way, you're not gonna get a concrete answer till you do...

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    Tiger Claw

    here is a bit more information on Fujopai or Tiger Claw Kung Fu:


    Brief History of Fu-Jow Pai - Tiger Claw Kung Fu
    The original name of what's known today Fu-Jow Pai was called "Hark Fu Moon", translated Black Tiger System. (Hereby in English text called "Hark Fu Moon - Black Tiger System") Later it was named as "Fu-Jow Pai of Hoy Hong Temple" by the first generation Grandmaster Wong Bil Hong in memory of his own master, a guest monk who was residing at the Hoy Hong Temple, Canton province. Unfortunately, his name and personal history was never divulged.

    Wong Bil Hong (1841-1934)
    Wong Bil Hong studied the "Hung Gar" Kung Fu from the famed Wong Kay Ying. Due to some circumstances, later he continued his training with Wong Kay Ying's son, the legendary hero Wong Fai Hung.

    In the August Moon of year 1876, he started to receive "Hark Fu Moon - Black Tiger System" kung fu training at Hoy Hong Temple. During his entire life time, he only taught two disciples. One of them was his nephew Wong Moon Toy, who became the sole inheritor of the "Fu-Jow Pai of Hoy Hong Temple".

    Wong Moon Toy (1907-1960)
    Wong Moon Toy was born on April 21, 1907. During his teens, he studied "Hung Gar" from Lam Sai Wing, and "Mi Chung I" from Lau Chook Fung and Doon Yook Ching. In 1927 he was accepted by his uncle Wong Bil Hong into the "Hark Fu Moon - Black Tiger System" at Lor-Fow Mount, Canton. He trained intensively for seven years in an isolated mountain. Without any wordly distraction, his development as a genuine kung fu person was forged, and tempered as well by the constant influence of his own teacher, a highly evolved individual. Perhaps that explained the non-egotistic nature of his, despite the fact that he possessed a vast formidable knowledge of martial arts, as well as accomplishment.

    In 1934, he departed China to USA. The next 25 years or so, he taught kung fu for various Chinese associations in Chinatown, New York City. Publicly he only taught Hung Gar, or Mi Chung I, but never Fu-Jow Pai. Privately, he accepted a selected few to be his disciples, who were the first generation in America studying the secret arts of "Hark Fu Moon - Black Tiger System".

    The name "Fu-Jow Pai" was not known publicly until the establishment of the Chinese Youth Athletic Club in New York City, September 1957. Spearheaded by his seven disciples and approved by the late grandmaster, the Club was formed to announce the existence of "Hark Fu Moon - Black Tiger System/Fu-Jow Pai of Hoy Hong Temple" to the public.(Hereafter called "Fu-Jow Pai" in short.)

    Although the club was publicly known at this time, however it still remained as a private organization. Therefore, the arts of Fu-Jow Pai were not available to the public. Readers shall understand the mentality as well as the culture at that time. Tradition called for secrecy, by which each succeeding grandmaster must guarded his style's secret with utmost devotion, and passed on the secret of the arts to a selected few. The essence of tradition is to preserve. Changes in tradition always had been slow and gradual, and as result for centuries many traditions remained unchanged. The life styles in general after WWII underwent a progressive and rapid change. The fundamentalists of all cultures were facing the same dilemma in meeting the needs of changing times. Few had resourced to adapting changes largely due to the rooted belief that tradition was not meant to be changed. However, one such courageous fundamentalist recognized and advocated the needs of changes in traditions was Wai Hong, one of the seven disciples. On one hand he was a devoted traditionalist and he still is, and on the other hand he realized that traditions must be able to meet the challenges of changing time.

    Grandmaster Wai Hong
    Grandmaster Wai Hong renowned as the father of present day Fu-Jow Pai was born in 1938. His early training in kung fu included Choy Lee Fut, Northern Shoalin, and Tai Chi Chuan. When he came to America with his family, he was trained under and accepted as disciple by the late grandmaster Wong Moon Toy, and became his successor after his death in 1960.

    Master Wai Hong had a vision as well as a mission. No more he wanted to see the kung fu hidden in the shadow of secrecy. He wished all men and women, young and old could be benefitted from the arts of Fu-Jow Pai. In order to defend the prosperity as well as the future well-being of the system he recognized a drastic step needed to be taken. After years of accessing the prospect of the arts for which he was responsible, he had decided that Fu-Jow Pai should be available to all. In 1968, he converted the Chinese Youth Athletic Club to the Fu-Jow Pai Federation, and opened his first school, Wai Hong's Fu-Jow Pai Kung Fu in New York City. Thus he had made the arts accessible to the public for the first time. His aims were to build a family where all students/members would insure brotherly love, better understanding and greater unity, to standardize the methodology in teaching as well as the certification of all Fu-Jow Pai instructors.

    In the 70's he introduced kung fu the Chinese fighting arts to many colleges and universities in NYC. He was a pioneer in promoting kung fu competitions and full-contact tournaments in United States. He earned his respect from his colleagues in martial arts as well as in the Chinese community, and was given a respectable nickname "Great Hero". Among all his achievements and accomplishments, he is most recognized as the driving forces behind the formations of the Eastern US Kung Fu Federation, and the United Kung Fu Federation of North America.

    Fu-Jow Pai - Tiger Claw Kung Fu
    The concept of the fighting arts of Fu-Jow Pai as the name dictated was modeled after the demeanor and fighting strategy of an attacking tiger. The striking movements are lightning fast, agile and powerful. Techniques unique to Fu-Jow Pai are ripping, tearing, clawing and grasping applications. The training encompasses both physical and spiritual development. It emphasizes strenuous exercises as well as spiritual discipline. The practitioners not only can be benefitted from it in health or self-defense aspects, also can develop a stronger and self-confident personality within.

    Standard Fu-Jow Pai Forms:

    Tiger Forms I to IV



    Empty Hand Matching Form

    Empty Hand vs Saber Form

    Staff Matching Form

    Saber vs Staff

    Mandatory Power Training:
    18 Tiger Claws

    Iron Hands

    Tiger Claw Kung

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    Hi there ladies!!!

    The club is at Wigston Royal British Legion:
    Bushloe End
    Wigston, LE18 2BA

    We train on Mondays, thursdays 7:30 till 9:30
    and saturday morning 10:30 till 1.

    I suggest you get your asses down there, the see if you still have the bollocks to take the piss.

    Im sure you can all do pretty forms and have your asses wiped by your instructors, and thats cool. But really, you need to sort yourselves out.

    Come down and if your not twats i'l teach you kung fu.
    Not ***** kung fu where there is a lot of waving and dancing, proper kung fu where the emphasis is on speed and accuracy, and hitting stuff with your fingertips.

    Forgive my lack of democratic debate, but you tossers have been slagging my club off pretty harshly based on the fact that there isnt a ****ing website.

    Honestly, you girls need to come and play with us, we'll soon sort out the wheat from the chaff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daodejing View Post
    Any alleged sifu who tells you gungfu is designed for the sole purpose of killing something other than your own ego is not a teacher you should learn from.

    Come on!!! What do you think its all for then.

    Gathering chi isn't just for your well being. Martial arts began some 6000 years ago in india, and there is evidence that the ancient egyptians and greeks had their own too. the sole purpose was for killing.

    Any master or even instructor that doesn't know that isn't worthy of their rank.

    chack this out,

    Saw this guy at a martial arts festival in the uk. He was awesome.

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    Fu Jow Pai means tiger ripping style and is a generic term.

    So, although you did well at copying the text from wiki or wherever, the basic argument falls down.

    I love how you guys are all really gobby at a computer screen.

    The Royal British Legion

    Bushloe End
    LE18 2BA

    7.30 till 9.30 monday and thursday
    10.30 till 1 saturday

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    arent the gobby twats always Yanks too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arhat View Post
    MOOOOOOO! Moo mooo mo mooooo!!! Moo mooo mo mooo mo moooo!!
    (Father!!! Father!!! You killed my father!!! Now feel my hoof of death!)*

    *translated from Water Buffalo.
    your a dick.

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    Gathering chi isn't just for your well being. Martial arts began some 6000 years ago in india, and there is evidence that the ancient egyptians and greeks had their own too. the sole purpose was for killing.
    another missed connection... might help to open your eyes a little wider next time.

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    so what your saying is that gathering chi IS just for your well being.

    Either that or you deliberately misconstrued what i was saying just to start another argument based on the fact that in 2003 the website for the club was crap.

    OK loser, bring it on.

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