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    Farang arrested in Phuket

    Found in massage parlor after nine days of debauchery

    Richard Russell, an American ex-patriat, who was in the process of giving up his US citizenship to become a Thai national, was arrested in Talang, Phuket today, after a nine day marathon in a local massage parlor.

    Local women found the semi-concious and incoherent Russell, lying naked on one of the massage mats, in the "Andaman Massage Parlor", located in the Cherngtalay area. Apparently, he entered the massage place on the evening of March 22nd, and never left. Scattered around his room, were his clothes, some chocolate chip cookie boxes, used and unused condoms, and the clothing of at least twelve different women. A book on Dianetics, by L. Ron Hubbard, was also discovered, opened and with highlighted pages, in the room. One massage women said that he was reading the book "almost all the time".

    Three massage girls lay exhausted in another room within the facilty. Thirteen other women, who supposedly had worked at the Andaman Massage, left a few days ago, and were never heard from again. Outside, in the rear yard of the building, surrounded by coughing chickens and a rather large and ravished looking water buffalo, was Yang, a 20 year old massage girl, in a semi-comatose state. She could be heard muttering in a rather low voice, "no more boom boom, oh, no, no, more boom boom...".

    Yang was brought to a local hospital, was treated, and released.

    The water buffalo appeared exhausted, but was deemed to be healthy by local animal control officials. Preecha Prunkaew, a 72 year old woman from the nearby village, stated that her water buffalo had disappeared from her home surroundings a few days ago, and had never returned. After asking this journalist for money, claiming that her water buffalo was sick, she stated that she was going to sue Russell, for inflicting "emotional distress" upon her animal.

    Russell was charged with loitering, aggravated sexual assault, indecency, and animal abuse. He is held in the Talang Provincial prison without bail.

    Bangkok Post

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    No wonder....

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    the funny thing is that i got a text message from doc 2 days ago... he was getting a massage! lol
    (i'm in thailand too, if u didnt figure that one out...)

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    Blog Entries

    This is what happens...

    when I leave! Doc goes totally nuts, nice. Alright someone please explain to me what's going on. Why is Doc trying to get Thai Nationalship and just what the hell?
    "For some reason I'm in a good mood today. I haven't left the house yet, though. "

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    Someone must have pointed their phallus towards his almighty baldness....lOl!!! What an idiot!!!

    No more boom no...
    Last edited by onesp1ng; 04-03-2006 at 06:36 PM.

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    'member that one he played a trick on you guys...and 'member that one time that it wasn't a joke but it really was but you thought it wasn't...yeah that was AWESOME!

    hey doc, "princess", & steve next you want to steal my idea for a practical joke let me know b4 hand. ..steve mine would have been way better if you had just let go and fallen to the dark maybe held on and joined the light side...b/c doc' self-deprecating humor is a lil' masochistic at times...all i gotta say to this is HOLLA !
    "What is barely legal?" - Ali G

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    An obvious and desperate attempt to redefine the androgynous nerd we all know and abhor.

    "No more boom boom" ... nice try!

    Let us know when the Trekkie convention is over and Doc's gonna resume posting!
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    ...yeah... some of u ppl just kinda don't get it... i taked with him like 3 days ago... i guess he's allowed to have a cell phone in

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    So, wait...the water buffalo was getting "boom-boom," too?
    Becoming what I've dreamed about.

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    No worries folks, actually, yeah worry.....

    practice wu de

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