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    Question Wu style Tai ji

    So I am going to go check out some Wu Style Tai ji (Onesp1ng, in your masterful knowledge of mandarin, which is the proper pinyin...tai ji or tai chi?).

    Can anyone tell me more about it? I have your basic stereotypical idea of the difference between Chen, Yang and wu...(combat, middle of the road, and even more internal and slow....respectively). However, I have read from some of your recent posts about taiji....(and maestro's post from frank yee which described the different energies and such involved with practicing gung fu) and I am curious to the real differences between the 3 major styles, specifically wu.

    this is the school im checking out

    I did study hippy tai chee (yang) a while ago but i didnt retain to much of that.
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    tets... it just depends on the romanization system. If using hanyu pinyin, the proper romanization of 太極 is tai4ji2. t'ai4chi2 is the Wade-Giles romanization usage, but it should sound the same... something like tie4 jee2 .. when spoken. The problem with the the second WG approach, is that without any former knowlegde of the subject, someone would inadvertantly say, tie chee, which is how westerners typically pronounce it. The thing is, chinese people don't understand this pronunciation.

    Actually, the wade-giles system is really outdated in my opinion and is very confusing.. it doesn't represent the actual sounds accurately. pinyin is ok. But zhuyin fuhao ( "Symbols for Annotating Sounds") / known to some as bo po mo fo, is used in Tiawan and probably in hong kong as well. I feel it's the best all around system, just, it's most likely the most difficult for non native speakers to learn, since it doesn't employ the roman alphabet..

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    so i went and checked it out....

    It was what i expected...old people...the classes were held at a rehabilitation center. The movements are totally different from any tai ji i know. But then again maybe i couldnt tell because the people weren't physically able to do some of the movements. The teacher seems alright....nothing spectacular but she seemed excited at the possiblity of someone in her class under the age of 50 that might actually be able to learn more of the other things she had to teach (weapons and "12 styles of push hands"). It was all legit and I know I will never find a true tai ji master here in yeah thats it...but anyone still willing to enlighten me about wu taiji please do. I forgot to ask....
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    One thing alot of people aren't necessarily interested in learning tai chi. For example the 38 posture sword form I have takes a long time to learn, longer to master.

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