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    Shi De Cheng, Dogchow, abducted by Scientologists

    Great Shaolin master Shi De Cheng, and his famed and greatly beloved disciple, Dogchow, were recently spirited away by advocates of the Church of Scientology.

    "I guess we'll never see them again", says Suzanne (last name withheld), a devout Utah Mormon who had visited Shi De Cheng in Henan, China, on many occasions. "I don't understand this. I went to China on a docTour, brought all of my "Books of Mormon" in various languages with me, and even sat down with great master Shi De Cheng, on many, many occasions, and explained to him the grand truths of the universe, you know, how Joseph Smith had visions in upstate New York, saw God, had lunch with him, and created the one and only True Religion".

    Suzanne was truly upset, so much so, that she has recently separated with three of her husbands. "I just don't understand it. Why great master DeCheng went with those nuts, is just beyond me."

    When asked if she understood why Dogchow left with the Scientologists, Suzanne explained, "Oh, why should you be surprised. He's a Jew. WE are the chosen people, you know...."

    Shi De Cheng and Dogchow could not be reached for comment. Rumors state that both are currently in some sort of isolation, in their quest to create new metachlorions and become Operating Thetans.

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    wow so really whats the deal...seems like someone got burned bad...
    "What is barely legal?" - Ali G

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