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Thread: International Kung Fu Training Center (Songshan Shaolin Tempel Xiao Long Kung Fu Cent

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    Thumbs up International Kung Fu Training Center (Songshan Shaolin Tempel Xiao Long Kung Fu Cent

    International Kung Fu Training Center

    The purpose of the International Kung Fu Training Center (Songshan Shaolin Temple Xiao Long Kung Fu Training Center) is to advance kungfu skills and the knowledge, performance and cultural exchanges. Since 1980 the head master Chen Tong Shan operates the Shao Lin SI Wu Shu Xue Xiao in Dengfeng and the International Kung Fu Training Center, so he has much experience. The International Kung Fu Training Center received numerous honors, e.g. "Henan Grade I Martial Arts School", "Henan Top Ten Martial Arts School" and "Nationwide Top Ten Martial Arts School". With an area of 54.000 m2 the school offers enough place for training and living. More than 800 students train at this school. Located in the capital Zhengzhou of Henan province in central China International Kung Fu Training Center offers best traffic connections. It's only a 20 - 25 minutes bus trip to zhengzhou center (railway station, bus station, shopping) and 20 minutes to the airport.

    The entrance of International Kung Fu Training Center was built in chinese style.

    The school has several huge school buildings (for living and training). To the left and right are numerous large school yards.

    The three big training halls are gigantic, so you will have enough space for acrobatics, fight and weapons.

    Foreign students will get a double-room. The rooms are clean and for chinese conditions well equipped. Each room has a toilet, shower, air conditioning and telephone (but you can't expect the same standard like in europe or the USA).

    PC with DSL Internet connection and email is available and free of charge.

    You can watch latest current movies in the DVD room, a good reconciliation of the hard training.

    Foreigners have the same dining hall with Chinese students but they can choose between numerous food (vegetarian food is available).

    At the school area offers some leisure-time facilities like table tennis or basketball.

    Foreign students can join all school activities with other chinese students.



    The foreigners will be coached by the master trainer Xie Xu Yong who is one of the first class kungfu master from shaolin temple with big teaching experience on foreigners. The training is hard, so you should be prepared well (doing some exercises like stretching and running at home).

    You are able to learn the Xiao Hong Quan (Small Red Fist), Tong Bei Quan (Straight Complete Arm), Shaolin Dao (Shaolin Sword), Shaolin Gun (Shaolin Stick), Shaolin Qian (Shaolin Spear), San Jie Gun (3-section Staff), Jiu Jie Bian (9-section whip), Tai Chi Quan, Huo Quan (Tiger From), Tang Lang (Praying Mantis Form), Sanda (Chinese Boxing) (and some more animal styles or weapons are possible).

    By now 3 times a week a special Tai Chi coach from Chen Jia Gou, the origin of the Chen Style, is teaching chinese and foreign students. Each student can decide whether he would like to participate in Shaolin Kung Fu or Tai Chi training. In 2006 Tai Chi will be taught daily.

    Foreigners can decide individually - depending upon their level - which forms or weapons they want to learn.

    After competition each student will get a certificate.

    At the end of the training students will get a diploma.

    Training plan is arranged well for every student in the Training Base, foreign students have six days training a week and a free day on sunday.

    Chinese course, Kungfu theory's and buddhism study each week.

    More impressions of shaolin kung fu training and more pictures you'll find here.

    The training time depends on the time of year so they could vary.

    Monday 05:40 - 07:10
    09:40 - 11:50
    14:20 - 17:10
    Tuesday 05:40 - 07:10
    Chinese course
    14:20 - 17:10
    Free Training
    Wednesday 05:40 - 07:10
    09:40 - 11:50
    14:20 - 17:10
    Thursday 05:40 - 07:10
    14:20 - 17:10
    Free Training
    Friday 05:40 - 07:10
    09:40 - 11:50
    14:20 - 17:10
    Saturday 05:40 - 07:10
    Kung fu theory and Buddhism
    14:20 - 17:10
    Sunday Free

    If you have any questions please contact us.

    More information you will find at

    Best regards

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    All this guy ever do is try to promote his site, on every god damn forum. Im starting to see that hes not really interested in sharing his experience, just make a buck for getting people to the school. Pisses me off.

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    really.sound good.
    maybe I have a try

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    someone do some ads on the forum,

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