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Thread: In Yan Mings Defence...

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    Yes you could...and to be perfectly frank, if I was trying to define what does and doesn't quantify ch'an and buddhist tenet mastery it's quite likely that I'm going to vote for the monk over a young western boy extrapolating and speaking blame .

    Buddha did indeed have a wife and child ( and several concubines aswell as was the trend of the times ... ... and additionally might serve ppl to remember that the process of his enlightment came after fulfiling his duty to his blood line ... which coming from a hindu upbringing also conforms with their ideas about becoming a most enlightened one of the belief system .. a brahmin .. and for those that wonder why I speak of sex why I address that and dont consider it trashy or inappropriate and why we believe it serves to help conquer ignorance and also contributes to humanity and furthering good thats been done by contributing another person who can help ease human sufferances and because you care for that child in way that ppl care for nothing else similarly, serves to increase awareness of what hurts and why and whats to be done and so on..) he left to go into the forests China to contemplate ( and something similar to I have done myself for those who don't remember). It was in the forest that he grew thin and couldn't find food as he sat having removed himself from all painful sights of seeing the hurting world unfold around him when a young woman saw him in the forest... weak and dying and clearly without food.
    The woman offered him some food and eventually after some persuasion, he began to eat again and decided that ascetism as an extreme, was nOt something he would advocate.. what good are you dead when you could do much more ...
    there's this insight one might stumble across about taking only what you need ... when you meditate alot, you realise that like for the yogis and damo and so forth, if all you're doing is sitting and meditating then you don't need to eat at all ... and then the realisation comes that this is selfish .. because if life is so bad to want to remove yourself from it, then the world needs you and because you've seen this and other insights regarding attatchments , if you were 100% about your benificence or just really sure you didn't like what you were would make attempts to change things ... which typifies mahayanism and is whats meant when you hear said that someone like a shaolinbuddhist for example ..or a boddhisattva might want to sacrfice their own peace to bring others closer to theirs ..therefore moving up in the spectrum of spiritual development ..

    read this case you missed it, IronCrosses episode according to the post by another student of YanMings and a medical practionerof 25 + yrs that was present at the time, was a reoccurring event ... an having at the time been in his seizured state has no recollection of the assistance they provided him ( except the conversation he had with YanMing about changing his thinkng to acheive better health)and neglected to mention how they not only took care of him during the acute phase but offered to drive him home and the student fed him at his own restaurant and also offered IronCross a bed in his own home so he woudn't have to drive should he feel he couldn't safely get home.
    ..quite a different account to that given by IronCross... apparently suffering seizure where environmental coonciousness or awarenes is comprimised and recollection of time of which unreliable .. he would nOt win that law suit and neither YanMing nor his school could have handled that situation any better.

    The point still being that when you experience is a great opportunityto understand yourself and your humanity ... Yan Ming in the grain of Ch'an teaching, tried to steer IronCross toward this.
    Imo he acted appropriately on all levels. If you disagree then I'm sorry you don't understand.


    Blooming Lotus
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    By now I think everyone you ask will have a different account of what happened that night...

    It doesnt matter... simple fact... if a medical emergency comes up call an ambulance.. don't even take the chance... anything else is gross incompetence...

    I don't know how much clearer I can make it.. EVERY doctor I talked to agreed an ambulance should have been called.. what the hell is wrong with you??? I've been asking myself the same question about the people there that are trying to justify everything they do with some mis quoted buddhist saying.... even when its wildly inappropriate...

    I don't even think I wanna talk about this anymore.... Make up your own minds about what you wanna think.... It doesn't matter to me... I never plan on going back there... You wanna worship yan ming or even jsut train there thats fine go forward... I told my story in all its insanity... and hope it just allowed people to see things from a different angle.... The USAST is not all roses and sunshine as they portray it and want everyone to believe... go back and read my posting on what a Cult is... you will find some creepy similarities... when I read that I got chills and thought good lord what is that place?

    But yeah... it doesn't matter... beleive whatever... I don't feel like arguign point for point every single detail.... whether or not it happened before.... whether or not the moon was waxing or waining... whether or not I am half vampire... or whatever else... NONE OF IT MATTERS..... the point is in the event of a serious medical situation those in chanrge were less than responsible and were nothing short of incompetant.... then the whole fall out afterwards... blame everything on me...

    YOu know what... if blaming me satisfies you in some way.. if it helps maintain your world view and help you hold onto your faith in Yan ming or shaolin or whatever else your part of... then fine go ahead... Blame me and only me... I really don't mind if you do.... In fact when we talk I will admit full guilt to your face... This will satisfy you I believe.... and all will be well in your world...

    All is already well in my world... I am happy training where I am.. I am glad I am out of there... I still have great friends in my life... what else could I ask for...

    It doesn't matter... the truth always comes out eventually...

    I have a sneaking feeling in 6 months a year 2 years, 3 years,.... eventually.. I will meet these same people that are hating on me now who will have left shaolin too with a similar type of story....

    I was told the same thing by ex students years ago but laughed it off... I said Nah that couldnt be me Im so happy there and everything makes sense to me.. I believe in the philosophy and whats going on there... Yan ming is always so cool with me.. that could never happen...

    I don't look forward to that day... because thats a sad day and a needless day.. like my own... none of them ever have to happen... yet they keep happening over and over... ask yourself why that is... and be honest truly honest when you answer.....
    The essential point in science it not a complicated mathematical formalism or a ritualized experimentation. Rather the heart of science is a kind of shrewd honesty the springs from really wanting to know what the hell is going on!

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    I'm going to go ahead and asssume you're in your twenties.. because thats the psychology I'm hearing.

    Several times through you posts I've hear you mention how you think you're being blamed..
    that's not the case.
    its sad that when these things are presented to particularly men in their twenties with raging egos and so forth that when its suggested they look inside themselves for better ways to prevent their hardships, they often take it to mean that if they admit they could tune their awareness and find some growth that it means they're somehow inferior ...
    its a superior man who can do that and when you loose ego there iis nothing to be embarressed about and only a better quality of mind to find... Yan Ming is a father. His son is not that much younger than yourself.. and I believes he cares for you.

    If you think pursuing a lawsuit will help you feel good and feel justice would e seved by that then by all means go for it.. I just don't think you'd win and should brace yourself for what you might hear about the reality of what happened in that class and th treatment you were provided.

    We're almost going around in circles now so I'm going to leave you with it. I'm sorry for your experience and hope you consider some meditation on it regardless.

    Blooming Lotus
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    What the crap is wrong with you... I never said I WAS persuing a lawsuit... everyone else here told me I should... I said I didn't want to.... for that very reason.. what the hell good would it do....

    So to satisfy you.... I am wrong 100% Yan ming is right 100% I was wrong in everything I ever said ever.... this lesson he is teaching me now and taught me then is so amazing I am growing in impossible new ways because of it... its helping me reach the same buddha nature he currently has.... Following him is the true path towards enlightenment... I honestly believe that now... seriously... no lie...

    I'm gonna go wait outside the temple in the rain for as many days as it takes for him to let me back in....
    The essential point in science it not a complicated mathematical formalism or a ritualized experimentation. Rather the heart of science is a kind of shrewd honesty the springs from really wanting to know what the hell is going on!

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