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Thread: Chinese learning resouorces

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    Chinese learning resouorces

    I've been studying Mandarin for a while. Here is a collection of useful (and free) resources that i found. Hopefully, it will help some people with learning Chinese. Some of this can be used for learning Cantonese and Japanese also.

    BACKGROUND: If you're a beginner, read all of this. I found it most helpful when i started. The history and development of chinese characters in the world - Hanzi, Hanja, Kanji.

    TOOLS: A really useful and versatile dictionary. Lets you search by criteria such as radicals, strokes and components. Gives you complete information about characters. CEDICT, or "chinese-english dictionary" which has an extensive database, can look up english/pinyin/characters and has japanese version as well. Offline dictionary program that lets you copy any text on your computer and translate it to english/chinese. Uses CEDICT and Microfoft.NET and doesn't need to be installed. Firefox plugin that lets you translate any characters on Chinese websites by highlighting them (uses dictionary).

    LEARNING MATERIALS: Basic/intermediate lessons with audio recordings and writing. Basic/Intermediate lessons with characters, pinyin and audio. Not for absolute beginners. Audio lessons in mp3 format, kinda like Pimsleur. It's either beginner or hyper advanced. News in Chinese, with a reeeeally helpful pop-up dictionary to help you read. Has a few audio/reading lessons divided by topics. "One sentence a day" and "Online lessons" will be useful for intermediate learner. Uber advanced reading/audio lessons taken from actual study books and children's books. I think it should have a pop-up dictionary, but it doesn't work for me.

    Good luck.

    More resources can be found on this portal website. Some are very useful, others are dead links.

    If you're hardcore, you might wanna look into taking an HSK exam. It's a Mandarin Chinese language proficiency test. (about HSK test) (official HSK website)

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    found this list on

    B – Beginners, sources easily used by beginning students of Mandarin
    I – Intermediate, sources that require some knowledge of Mandarin
    A – Advanced, sources that require high knowledge of Mandarin
    S- Simplified
    T- Traditional

    Study Tools
    • Hanyu College: Animated dialogues, karaoke, radio, and advanced readings (B,I,A) [S]
    • DimSum: offline reading tool with annotation, dictionary (I,A) [S,T]
    • Zhongwen Development Tool: Flashcard maker with multi-function tool (I) [S]


    Annotators – Online Reading Assitants with Character and Pinyin Pop-up
    • Adsotrans has support for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese [S,T]
    • Popjisyo has text annotation for English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

    Text Editors
    • Njstar (PC only) wordprocessor, Version 5.0 has man additional study tools. (I,A) [T,S]
    • Chinese Tools IME allows you to write Chinese Pinyin, online. (B,I)





    Other – Technology (
    paid and unpaid)
    • PlecoDict for Palm/PocketPC,$99.95 for version with John deFrancis's excellent ABC dictionary, allows for a instant definition while reading on your PDA - works the best with TealDoc on Palm; excellent full-featured flashcard system (G) [S,T]
    • Wenlin, 249, with academic discounts possible; PC/Mac; includes the ABC dictionary; provides mouse-over pinyin and definitions and unique features such as one-click searches for all characters containing a component or all phrases containing a character. (G) [S,T]

    Other – Other

    Language Partners

    Other – For Fun


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    Very helpful. Thanks for posting that.
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    I agree with Doc. Excellent!


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    i recently started a blog in order to help students of Chinese. i hope to include idioms, daily expressions, funny expressions, useful sayings that might be used when arguing, pinyin, along with usage explanations.. however, i only began writing it a couple of weeks ago... there are many unfinished parts... in fact, it's just kind of a "frame" right now.

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