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Thread: New chi-kung video in town!

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    Exclamation New chi-kung video in town!

    And here's the intro to the DVD right before the Main Menu:

    By Master Richard Barr. A great chi-kung instructor.

    Hector Villarruel
    Guadalajara, Jalisco

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    not exactly the most exciting video I have ever seen.

    i have to say I much prefer the shaolin variety.
    "Arhat, I am your father..."
    -the Dark Lord Cod

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    Yeah, it is different.

    But i have seen SiFu Barr chikung. It is more internal, more meditative i would say.

    When i was in a seminar of him, he taught us an excersise in wich it help me to get the awaken state more softly ( if you can say that), more easily.

    It takes your forms to another level.

    It is another view from someone i know who practice this everyday in a smart way.

    He is the real deal in chikung. But i do not know if he brokes metal and do all kind of hard chikung. I think he practice a soft chikung, like a tool to heal yourself and others.

    Hector Villarruel
    Guadalajara, Jalisco

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