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Thread: A very interesting Shoalin article

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    David Petit Guest

    A very interesting Shoalin article

    I read this very interesting Shoalin article on the net. Is it acurate? If it is i am quiet shocked at what is become of Shoalin kungfu


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    What was written there is nothing new. It's been discussed here in this site, for, oh, the last nine years...

    But, just FYI:

    Very few Shaolin monks actually take an oath to a master and become actual monks. Indeed, very few monks have ever read a Buddhist text before they are sent out representing the temple. You cannot criticize the system. It is impossible to teach all these students in the temple. Modern wushu is more performance orientated so on a stage it will wow more audiences and in a sparring ring it will score more points with judges.
    This is a very true comment. But, prior to the time of Yongxin, who, ironically swept into power with the idea that he was going to bring Buddhsim back to the temple, actually forced that teaching out. The older monks, the De generation and before, did undergo quite extensive Buddhism teaching, primarily from a monk by the name of Shi De Ren. De Ren left the temple, along with many other true masters, when Yongxin started his purges.

    I've discussed this extensively over the years, as it was happening. If you're interested, you have a lot of reading to do.

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