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Thread: chinese sword etiquette?

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    April 2-7

    Let's go get some exotic steel...or obsidian, in South America.
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    well I will be in Jamaica, developing my iron head!
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    Speaking of sword etiquette, whats up with all the "Shaolin swords" ? (oversised straight swords) The swords you see in all the magazines and the web like I know most of them are meant for decoration. For hanging on the wall for Fengshui purposes. But do they actualy have any association with Shaolin at all, or are they just another case of a company using the name"Shaolin" to sell a product ????

    I don't, at all, advocate Yong xin's copyrighting the name Shaolin to shut down schools using the name, but if his copyrighting was used instead to get rid of all the Shaolin bullsh**, Shaolin tiger balm, Shaolin inccense, Shaolin butt powder, then hell yeah. I'm all about it ! I could personaly do without any Shaolin nail clippers, Shaolin hot sauce, or Shaolin hair gel. I mean, if it ever gets to Shaolin hair gel,,, things have gone horribly wrong ! Thats like the fat lady singin !!!

    But seriously, whats up with those swords ???
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    The trademark issue was discussed, back when it was happening, I think in the Shaolin Topics section. It was seen here, first, on

    You have a lot of reading to do, LOL.
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    I'm new on the forum.
    I am a secular shaolin martial art system student and I've also studied kenjutsu an kobudo, for a few years now.
    I dare say this because I consider weapons as weapons, no matter of culture or race, its either efficient or not the way you use them.
    There are etiquette rules in chinese martial arts wether sword or other weapon (altough probably not for the SF ones I saw on a national geographic documentary ).
    The reason why these rules are not visible is because most of what is shown is presented by demonstrations which tend to be on the spectacular side rather then the realistic one. The chinese warrior class , the wu xi, is the predecessor of the japanese bu shi. Also the Bushi do or wushi dao in chinese, is drawn form the chinese wu xi warrior class rules and the confucianist writings.
    Many of the rules known today from japanese sword schools, are purely artistic, but some have strong roots and reasons to be. And you might find that these are found in almost every warrior society that existed.
    The ones that just come to mind:
    1. if one behaves in a play fight very cheerfully and relaxed most likely he will be the first to run when a real one is to take place. one does not gamble with a life laughing.
    2. one does not draw a blade wether sword or knife without expecting to draw blood.
    3. A sword can be drawn with either hands and from either side so its not the weapon you look at but the distance and stance of the opponent.
    4. one gives and receives a weapon , sheathed if its a blade, with both hands, as a sign of trust.
    5. a hand on the weapon means agression.
    6. presenting a weapon with the blade or the tip towards the receiver is not polite and aggressive.
    7. reaching for the others weapon, is agression.
    8. The weapon is never placed flat on the ground when in a group.
    9. A weapon should not be drawn to threaten.

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    While there is certainly a large amount of sword etiquette per se, I am adding here a link to an excellent little site outlining the etiquette when visiting sword shows.

    Makes good reading.


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    Great site , Uwe!


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    You can get Shaolin hair gel?

    Where? Does somebody know? And how much? Are there bulk discounts?, Shaolin hair gel... wow.
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