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Thread: Is Tai Chi a trick?

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    There is an example of energy right here in front of your eyes. This thread is an example of energy and how it works.

    I post a subject that has energy. I claim I have some knowledge to pass to you that will make you stronger or expand your mind. Those words, the printed words on your computer screen, have power because of the influence they have on you.

    It is the law of the universe that power always drains away. What do we see in the thread after my posts? We see many meaningless posts that add nothing to the conversation. As these apparently meaningless posts add up, what happens? The thread dies a slow death.

    I said "apparently" meaningless posts for a reason. They are not meaningless. Those posts are meant to suck the energy out of the thread. A person comes in here, reads what I have written, and they feel something inside of themselves. Something uncomfortable. That discomfort is power. It is energy that I have evoked in them with my words. I gave them energy for free through the internet.

    Many people cannot stand energy. They are so tight that if someone puts energy on them, they immediately have to get rid of it. It is like a bug that landed on you and you scrape it off immediately. That is what is going on with these meaningless posts. People are too weak to hold onto the energy I give them, so they post meaningless stuff to drain the energy out of themselves so they feel comfortable again.

    They are weak. For their own benefit, they should learn how to dissolve that energy that I raised in them without having to make a meaningless post. If they can learn to do this, they will become stronger.

    Those meaningless posts are selfish also. They work on everyone else as well as the person posting them. When the person makes a meaningless energy sucking post to drain the energy out of themselves, the post also drains the energy out of the thread and out of all of the readers.

    That is not nice. Maybe the other people want to keep the energy the thread evoked in them. If you have a problem with the energy, you should have to deal with it yourself, instead of draining the energy out of yourself and everyone else.

    The two posts above this one are energy sucking posts. This thread feels dead because it is dead. All the energy that I brought here with each post was methodically sucked dry by meaningless posts. Can anyone read the two postst above this one and honestly say that those posts added anything to the conversation?

    Those two posts are like nails in a coffin. Killing this thread and the energy in it so that no one else can benefit.

    Weak. Selfish. Thoughtless.........Those are all hard words, but they accurately describe what is happening.

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    I just can't belive this nonsensical thread has continued for 8 pages...

    There are only 10 types of people in this world.
    Those that understand binary and those that don't.

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    Not nonsense at all. Just outside your realm of experience.

    If you stick with kung fu, and you meet the right people, come back and read this in 5 years. You will see I was trying to save you 5 years of time.

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