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Thread: Is Master Wong really that good?

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    well if your looking for an opinion from someone with wingchun experience i can tell you that in the little intro video where hes talking about bil gee i had no idea what he was talking about, but bil gee is all about learning to retake your centerline after someone has taken it from you, thats all i got from that intro video but from that alone i would say he didnt know what he was talking about in my opinion... and besides all that its impossible to learn wingchun without a real teacher, and besides that its impossible to learn wingchun without a really good teacher who truly understands it..

    and i have never seen any good wing chun teacher that actually teaches wingchun and jkd, it doesnt make sence.. not to mention theres some jkd guys with like 5 - 9 year experience come to our school and get tossed around like nothing... if you got any questions about wing chun though let me know, even if i dont know or cant explain it properly ill call my sifu

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    Nice to see some response.

    Chicken: I live in Valencia on the mediterranean Coast. I liked what you said and it sounds like a great offer and whenever Hengquan comes to Spain you can notify me.

    And while we are talking about Spain, could I get your opinions on Huang Aguilar who claims to be a shaolin warrior monk???? I thought there were no foreigners ever made monk, let alone warrior monk at shaolin...... He opened this new Temple of the ocean of tranquility or whatever. I'll look for a link to his webpage if anyone would want to comment.

    Arrhat: I appreciate your response, at least it's clear what you think. And that's what I wanted, to hear people's opinions on Wong.
    but I have taken the liberty to correct some of your foreign language skills

    Cavallu Mierda.
    Italian????? merda di cavallo or Spanish??? mierda de caballo or Portugese maybe????? merda de cavalo

    Pferd schiess.

    German???? pferdescheiβe

    Merde Cheval.
    French??? merde de cheval
    anyway I got the idea. You think it's horseshit, what it may very well be. To show my gratitude I' ll tell you what horseshit is in Dutch: paardestront.

    I was talking about some posts I saw by some brazilian/portugese guy somewher on the mmaforum

    Wu LongXin: Thanks for the feedback. Good to hear the opinion of someone who pratices win chung

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    Hi guys,

    On the kungfumagazine forum I found some comments on these dvds saying it was Pan Nam Win chung and I had no idea what they were talking about. So I started searched and it seems interesting.

    Found an interesting site here
    and among others this video

    It's Pan Nam style Win Chung from a series produced by the sons of Pan Nam, so it should be pretty authentic.

    I got curious and bought one of wong's DVDs that has all of the win chung forms on it and compared this video and Master Wong doing the biu jee form and found out they are identical. The exact same moves in the same order. The chinese guy is a bit faster and more fluid, but it's the exact same thing.

    The main diference is that Master Wong presents his advertising clips spectacularly with adrenaline rushed music and he draws more attention to himself. The chinese do it soberly and with some nice traditional music in the background.

    But bottom line is that it's the same thing. Using Arhat's words I would have to say horseshit is horseshit even if it's decorated with flowers. But it is also true that a flower is a flower even if it's been shitted on by a horse. You just have to hose it down to see it.

    The DVD itself is a lot more sober than the advertising clips and what he says about the concepts of win chung on his DVD makes sense to me.

    In the end I am pretty glad I looked past the spectacular advertising and got the DVD to judge it on content rather than appearances. even if it's not the same style as I am learning in class. I learned quite a few things about theory and concepts from this DVD and it also opened up my eyes and made me realize that Yip Man was not the only one on the planet to have taught decent Win Chung.

    But I still appreciate the straight forward replies by Arhat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carona
    Using Arhat's words I would have to say horseshit is horseshit even if it's decorated with flowers. But it is also true that a flower is a flower even if it's been shitted on by a horse. You just have to hose it down to see it.
    I think the term would be "shat upon", instead of "shitted on". But, either way, it's not a pleasant thought.

    Did Arhat really say that? I'm impressed. Very deep.
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    He didn't really say all that.

    He just said "Horseshit" but I wanted to use a metaphore with the same terminology.

    I was doubting wether to shit in past tense was shitted or shit and now it turns out to be Shat, so that makes it a productive day, I finally learned how to use the word shit the right way.

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    I think the past tense of "shit" is still just, shit ! But I have always prefered "shat" as well. It just has a certain ring to it.

    I had some bad food, but I shat it all out, so now I'm good.


    I haven't shat like that in a while !

    Actually, to tell the truth, the past tense might change after all. "but I shit it all out" just doesn't sound right. I think I might have to investigate......

    "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest

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