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Thread: Training at Shi Xing Ming Chan Wu yuan

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    Old thread , I know...

    I havent been here in a while.

    I just want to clarify the following for those of you who still care and wonder who this Master Wang is.

    He is actually the nefue (forgive my spelling) of the late Shi de Qian, and his "School", which was actually his family home, was situated in the wang chang village. As i came there (and stayed for six months) they built a training hall connecting to the old house of Shi de Qian's, where he had his first school.

    Master Wang trained with several of the "Old masters" such as his uncle of course, and SuXi.

    Apart from the regular non-secretive-foreigner-gong-fu he also taught chinese and some acupuncture., although I myself rather spent time with the gongfu since it was why i was there. Laura Wang (His american wife) did teach buddhism for those who wanted, i learned the basics of entering a temple and lighting inscents and such. pretty cool, although im not much of a buddisth.

    Lineage was all good and nice shaolin wise, and the cultural exchange i experianced was terrific, ecspecially spending time with his family during new year period. We also trained then.

    I was however for a while somewhat dissapointed at the level of training, although we did train 6 -8 hrs a day, he was still a lazy focker.

    ordinary training sessions with basics and stretching and form training, where he would show a bit of a form and then leave. He would come back and yell like a mf cuz you did it wrong. where the f**k was he to show me?

    That aside it was a truly magnificant experiance over all which I will never forget, and i believe not many foreigners had this kind of insight to chinese rural life. Beats a dengfeng school by very far. I dont care that the training was not at its best, it suffised as i continued, and still do, my training at home.

    They did try pretty hard to deliver a "old-shaolin-way-of-living-and-being a disciple" kind of thing, but im not sure that came across really well.

    Questions? please as far as I can.

    /Johnny Poulsen, Sweden

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    thanks for the post

    back to lfjs comment im not so sure i would go to shaolin to learn chinese medicine, i also wasnt aware chinese medicine buddhism and gung fu were the "3 treasures" of shaolin, but ok.

    buddhism sure i guess, i dunno after all this crazy stuff with these monks over the years id feel strange practicing buddhism with them. gung fu/wushu sure sounds cool but anything else id rather go somewhere else if i was interested...which im not
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    The way I saw it regarding acupuncture was that you got a little insight to where points were located and could use this in qinna applications, but i didnt care much about that , just a reflection I made.
    Over all it takes too f***ing long to learn. )
    I just wanted a nice way to keep my body and health in better than average condition, and the above described training gives me that.

    Shaolin to me is fast Tai-Chi...


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    Well in Guangxiao si, Guangzhou, there seem 2 b pretty decent monks who learned shaolin gongfu. Shi Jieding and Shi Fengfa r kind enough to teach me some...

    These days formal meditation for some hours. I really love meditating... Feel good and calm after...
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    what is it

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    Fighting Dragons Kung Fu in the Shao Lin Temple

    This website is your link to the Shaolin Temple in China. Yes, I mean THE Shaolin Temple... not a temple nearby or in another country, but the real, original Shaolin Temple in Henan, China.

    Great News! Master Wang has been able to get a better deal with a hotel, so we have lowered the price to 3000 RMB (approx $475 USD)!!! That includes your hotel, food, and training for an entire month!

    How is this possible? Let me tell you a brief story: Many years ago I (webmaster and kung fu Master David Woods) trained in the Northern Shaolin Academy in Jilin, China. There I studied under Shaolin Master Wang Xin Peng, a Shaolin monk. We got along great and he considered me to be a good student. We kept in touch over the years and now we are basically business partners. Master Wang's uncle was the late Shi De Qian, abbot of the Shaolin Temple. So now you see the connection?

    Shaolin Master Wang is available to teach you now. One of the best things about learning from Master Wang is that he speaks English. You can stay in a hotel 5 minutes (walking) from the Shaolin Temple. Some days you will train in the hotel's training grounds, sometimes you will train in the beautiful Song mountain or other surrounding natural areas, and sometimes you will train within the Shaolin Temple itself. No matter where you are, you will be with one of the greatest fighting monks alive today, Shaolin Master Wang Xin Peng! Trust me, you will not be dissappointed!

    Shaolin Master Wang will teach you from about 5:30 am until about 6:30 pm. After that you may continue to practice, learn Chinese culture and language, or just rest. You may learn weapons, qigong, taiji, and of course, Shaolin gongfu including weapons. Master Wang will teach you whatever you want.

    Shaolin Master Han is also teaching with Master Wang, so you will have two instructors in Shaolin Kung Fu
    Master Wang : 0086 - ( 0 ) 13838312721

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