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Thread: Latinas - a Comprehensive Dictionary

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    what a cool language... you can actually say slut in like eight different ways.

    where my chumbas at??


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    anyone interested in any more puertorrican phrases, adjectives?
    gotta whole bunch!!!!!

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    In the future, prefer them with pictures.

    I have a bad memory. Need to associate words with images...
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    Here is a puertorrican "Jeva":

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    and another...this one is Tetona, sans Silicone:

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    this one I bet you like, Doc:

    25yo, 1 daughter "rubia" (blonde) and "cara de cuera"....ask me on that one...LOL!

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    Puerto Rico miss universe 2007

    and, to top it off:

    She's over 6' tall!!!

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    as per your request, I hope I delivered some nice images of puertorrican Jevas, and Jevotas...estan riquisimas, verdad? (they're super hot, right!)
    anyways, one last beauty:

    and a nice close up of her eyes...unos ojos cabrones de verdad:

    respect to the Jevas, Loco!!!

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    "Respect to the Jevas"is right !

    Shimanqi, I Love You ! And I mean that in a very thankful way for your work in educating us about the finer things in life !

    Any more examples you feel like providing would be much appreciated as my Spanish is still pretty weak !!!!
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    This has gotten much, much better. But, you forgot one thing: the CHUMBAS, damn it!!!

    It's cold in here with out the Chumbas... Coooooooold.... I tell ya, it's cooooooooold.....

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