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Thread: The "doc hates Yanming's family" email

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    Quote Originally Posted by arhat
    I believe I may have said, conversationally, when asked about Doc, that Doc was going through some real shit because of Xing Wei and what went down, and in my opinion, that is why the forum has taken a negative cast of late, and I may also have said that SYM attracts a lot of criticism because of his family and is always a natural target when it comes time to suck the minus tit and that negativity breeds a thriving forum...or words to that effect.
    Remember, that this website initially became popular with many, including yourself, because of the controversy that it attacked and brought light to. It was never my plan to present the usual "lets all get on our knees and bow to the monk gods" website shit that you find on the internet. I think the fact that this site has remained, and has remained popular, for over ten years, reinforces that. Controversy is something that is not foreign to us on this site. It's not my fault that the individual that you have decided to devote your fealty to, continues to be the subject of controversy, even to this day. Maybe that should tell you something. I do find it entertaining that you continue to find excuses for this man, again, claiming that controversy follows him, now, "because of his family". Comical. Cult like. Sad.

    I'm not sure you can delete yourself. I can do that, and by doing so, your posts will either be converted to a "Guest" account, or removed in its entirety. As this site continues to be resource for many, I won't alter the structure of the discussion forum. I'm sorry that you no longer want to be a member of the gang. I understand, and I hope that one day, as I've told you in the past, you stand back and really take a good hard look at what you're doing with that individual.

    Remember something about China. And to some degree its people.

    Smoke and mirrors. Lies and deceit....

    You'll figure it out one day.
    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

    "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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    I have a meeting in a bit with my boss here at the school I'm working at. (in China) He's going to bitch at me about my teaching methods after I was told that I was free to teach however I wanted. I have fallen into disfavor here for the fact that I was using Chinese to explain things in my classes. THings that my students couldn't understand otherwise. I was making some real progress with my method of teaching but my bosses don't seem to care about that. What they care about is when the come to video tape me, for publicity reasons, that all you hear is English and kids laughing and having a good time. They could really give a shit if my kids improve in their ability to speak English or not. It's really sad.

    So before I fell out of favor my boss had promised me 5500 to 6500 yuan a month. Right now I'm only being pid 4000. It's not that good. So after I fell out of favor the number magically changed to 4500 max. Now, for reasons unknown to me, I don't think I'm going to be permited to teach here next semester. I have changed my methods and everything, but I feel as though I've been labeled "black".

    On top of that, two other teachers who are working here for a different company were just told by the head masters of our school that if they sign on and become heads of all the foreign teachers next semester they will be paid "much more" than they are currently receiving through the other company. Right now their being paid 85 to 9500. So the school has they money, they just want to abuse their power. What makes it worse is that these two teachers aren't even that great ! But their classes are smiling, laughing, and speaking English. It doesn't matter that they have no clue what the words comming out their mouth actually mean.

    Smoke and Mirrors is right....
    It's really pretty sad how F**KED up things are over here. I've never been anywhere else where a baby can shit on the floor of McDonalds, right next to you while you're eating and nobody even flinches. Just as if it never happened. Or where a 12 year old girl drops her droors and takes a piss right at a busy intersection while her mother and brother keep conversing right next to her as if nothing is out of place. And I guess to them it's not. You've got to wonder whats going on in these peoples heads. Do they really view life with absolutely no respect for anything besides their family ?????

    Some times I wonder why the hell I'm still here.
    "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest

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    One reason why I spend more and more time in Thailand.

    Far more civilized. Great people overall (with some exceptions...)
    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

    "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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    unfortunately i've been through the same experience, almost word for word, though i was always considered a "good teacher" even with the use of chinese in the classroom, for i learned how to keep up my "appearance" outside of class. in china you are only a machanism for making money --a "smiling face," yes, but, more importantly, a foreign one. you're right, they don't care about the students. it's business, and politics. the school needs your "face" in order to attract parents, their $$$, and their children. if students are unhappy, they tell their parents, and eventually the school is notified that their children will be taken out of school, along with the money that they pay. yet, the school uses any means they can, any excuse, to reduce your salary. thus, your "face" is more important than your teaching, ability, effort, etc. don't exhaust your energy there. don't invest too much spirit. they will suck it out of u.

    anyhow, they have no right to adjust your monthy salary as they see fit. you did sign a contract, no?

    i would suggest that you very happily go to them. explain that you feel you that your contract with them has been broken. you came to teach, only have the students best interest at heart, have 付出了很大的代價, and your salary has been reduced, which has not only cost you money, but also a loss of face. additionally, another school has offered you a better wage for less hours. you are considering the job, in, let's say, xiamen...or something. if something isn't done to resolve this issue, you will be forced to leave, but are sorry for the inconvienence that this may cause. do it like it's no big deal, and be patient.

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    btw, they'd also rather bring in someone they can take advantage of next year, by paying less -- someone who has no experience or knowledge of their fraudulence. that way they can avoid paying more if you were to stay, since most contracts go up in wage about 500rmb every year. how many months do u have left? one or two? imagine if they didn't have a teacher for that time. usually they just add additional hours onto the other teachers' schedules, but you can always make known their displeasure if that were to occur. typically i am one to believe that we have the upper hand, because of their need to please and desire to make loot, depending, of course, upon how you finagle the situation. then again, if your contract is almost up...they'll be looking for ways to save money and won't care much regardless of which way you lean..

    but, never let em see u sweat. such "impulses" are a sheer indication that whatever you are negotiating is important to you. this gives them ample amounts of leverage. on the other hand, if you see an opening, become aware of something that is important to them, exploit it... it may seem disingenuous, a game u don;t want to play, but that is the "dao" of china. and if you are to have a relationship with her, in the long run, you'll need to do as she does... it won't work the other way around.

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    Yeah, I didn't specify that the amounts I was discussing were for next semester if I sign a new contract, not month to month. Needless to say I won't be signing a new contract with them.

    However, the meeting didn't go as planned. I ended up doing the bitching. Because my contract is about to be up in a month or so the school has decided it would be better to keep my pathetic, unable to teach ass around. Now the number, for the third time, jumped to 5000 p/month. This was about the time I had had it with the smoke and bullshit ! I let my boss know all the shit that is wrong with the school and his inability to manage us foreign teachers, and suprisingly he agreed, most of the time. So along with my balls that I pulled back out of my ass I apparently redeemed my respect. At least that's what I would like to tell myself. The reality of the situation is that I'm another foreign "face" that they would like to have around next year as long as they don't lose me. F**KERS !!!

    Actually, the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper but I don't really want to go in to detail.

    Just as a word of advise to anyone planning to teach in China, do a lot of research in to what you should be able to expect from a contract before coming here, such as pay (6000rmb p/m) housing, vacation pay, hours teaching, weekends off, assistance in securing your visa/residency permit, etc. Also, when you do find a school you are interested in, try and contact a teacher who has taught there before to really get the low down on the situation there. Anyone interested can feel free to contact me, just let me know.
    For example, you would love my boss and think he was the greatest guy in the world as long as you've never worked for him. Turns out he's a snake. A piece of two faced shit. If there's a hell, he'll be down there suckin Sadam's cock someday.
    "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest

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    I never thought I'd see the day. Two bastions of Russbo. At it.

    I really don't get the chance to post like I used to, but I regularly catch up with (most) of the shenanigans that occur here.

    You guys should simmer down...what happened to getting along, despite your beliefs.

    And Arhat could never leave...

    If only we could replace some of the new dickheads with a few of the old ones...

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    "wow" is right!!!

    what's up lip? how've u been? you shouldn't stay away so long.. (you've been missed.)

    anyhow, hope you're well...

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    Whats up, G. As inconceivable as it is, I miss this place too. Everything’s good man, busy.

    I keep on saying I’ll hook up an Internet line, and I will get around to it one day; then hopefully I can post more regularly. Right now catching up every now and then has to suffice. But this thread necessitated a response.

    I seriously never thought I would see this coming. I mean, Docs views on YM have been established in the past. Nothing new there. What’s with the sudden animosity? If what Arhat says is correct then he was misquoted, and doesn't deserve a thread telling him what an asshole he is - as that's what obviously pissed you off, Doc.

    And if I was called anyone’s minion, I’d be pissed.

    Doc, you can never hope for anyone to be convinced of your point of view while you’re telling them what they believe is laughable, or comical. Especially if it’s a significantly held belief. Doesn’t enhance one’s potential for communication much. I would have thought you’d know that.

    Seriously, watching you two fight does me no good. Too much bitterness on this site as of late.

    Chow, I think I have a message or two from you I haven’t read. I’m confused as to how old they are. I just noticed them.
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    "basically though, no one said you hate his family or even have any feeling about his family personally or individually. it's wrong for you to have assumed that and titled this thread as such"

    "so basically thats what it was. that was also a long while ago. it seems since then you must have let it run wild in your mind and somehow came up with "doc hates yanming's family" which is ridiculous." - LFJ

    This thread is an interesting example of escalation. Don't allow bitterness to destroy a perfectly decent friendship.

    And I know I'm only a young pup, Doc, but a wise man learns from everything.
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