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Thread: What martial art is most practical in a fight?

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    I don't know anyhting about China. But, I heard James Caan being interviewed and he was asked the same question. His respone was Ju Do No. Ju Do No I have a gun, Ju Do No I have a knife, Ju Do No my friends are here, and will gladly stomp your ass into a liquid etc.

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    as far as the 3 "main" internal styles go, i think the speed thing is really little more than style-specific training methods. when it comes down to it theyre all as fast.

    same goes for the skeaniness, although to be honest i see why you say it about bagua hehe

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    Well i can only speak about what i know. I am in China, studying with Master Fu Neng Bin, one of Chen Zhenglie's 10 favoured students. He's basically the push hands king of Tai Chi. As one of his students i'm lucky enought o get taught application from the beginning and i have to say, Tai Chi is an effective as kicking machine. Though having said that you need intense practice before you can expect to apply it. I know at 3 months with 5 hours a day, 6 days a week i don't feel i could confidently a use much application.

    But yeah, i also agree the best defense is good running techinique!

    There are only 10 types of people in this world.
    Those that understand binary and those that don't.

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    Cool The best MA.

    The very best "MA" that I can think of is the one that gets you out of the situation the fastest. As Bruce Lee used to say; " One, two, three, down.!"

    I also remember a story told to me about a new student enticed into a duel at Shaolin Si. The student asked one of the Shaolin monastics what the rules were. the monastic replied; " No, rules, stomp them into the ground.".

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    Xinyi hsing yi or how ever you choose to spell it- thats my suggestion its very effective and strictly combat oriented- the problem is finding a serious combat oriented master. If your master has the same idea about fighting as most gong fu people have, you wont learn anything, most gong fu people are afraid of fighting and have no confidence in their technique which in it self is no surprise since they only train for health and talk about fighting. Find a xinyi master who knows what its for, who knows how to fight and you will love it! Simple, direct techniques all aiming to kill your opponent!
    The most important thing is the masters view on fighting. So many masters out there dont know dick about fighting. These are the ones that will tell you that it takes ten years of slow practise and a shit load of chi to use your technique. Gong fu masters and practitioners are a bunch of girls, hard to find any warriors among them.
    Xinyi- I practice it, I use it, I love it!

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    Well Joe, I don't know if u still want any suggestions, but I think u should find a teacher. since it seems like u like to "check nuts" anyway, do it the old fashioned way and challenge the masters that u meet. whomever beats you down the way u want to beat someone down, ask him to teach u.

    btw the man u told that u are not in your area is a gigantic help to the serious.

    after all u catch more bees with honey, than u do with vinagar.


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    you should go with what you are interested in, and learn a form of groundfighting.
    "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"

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    Most Practical Style Depend on You

    I don't know a lot about martial arts, but I know a lot about people. I firmly believe that there are superior forms or martial arts (this is based on nothing), however, what matters most is the style most suited to you.

    Are you short or tall
    strong or flexible
    fast or able to endure a lot of damage
    straightforward or crafty?

    You need to know yourself before you know what fight style will serve you best in a street fight.

    Answer the above questions then ask around for the martial arts style that suits your type and find the best one of those. If you can do that I bet you will kick ass in all fights.

    The guy that wrote the Art of War said, "if you know your enemy and yourself you will always win" He's talking about war and that might not be an exact quote, but he's got an excellent point there.

    I guess from the way you write that you are a fairly straightforward guy who values speed and practicality, so search for a style that specializes in that. Good luck

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    I say study xinyi not Hsingyi.

    Not sure where you are in China but there's really only one place i know to study it...

    you can contact them with

    I know a few people in the know who've been at this school and they rate it. There some exceptional vids on youtube but since we both in china, i can't find them right now and anyway, you can't see them...

    good luck!

    There are only 10 types of people in this world.
    Those that understand binary and those that don't.

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    I think its mostly about how far your willing to go to win the fight.

    If you get in first, and fast, and make sure your opponent stays down, you can't lose.

    But its being mentally ready to kill or really hurt a person that should set
    you in front of your would be attacker.

    "the prime directive of a living being is to maximize its chances of survival. You do not maximize your chances of survival by using the amount of force you deem appropriate to the threat."

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