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Thread: High Level Kung Fu Men are Vampires

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    High Level Kung Fu Men are Vampires

    Did I get your attention?

    Ya. High level kung fu men are vampires. They don't suck blood of course. They suck the energy out of people.

    The idea of vampires sucking blood was created in order to provide something physical that people could see and feel. Everyone knows what blood is. They know it is precious and life giving. If they were warned that a vampire was sucking their blood, they would instinctively protect themselves.

    If people were instructed that someone was sucking their energy, they would not understand or they would disbelieve because energy is invisible. They cannot see or feel energy like they can blood, so the warning would not do any good. People would disbelieve they had energy, so they would never protect themselves from energy sucking vampires.

    Why is it justified to claim that High Level Kung Fu Men are Energy Sucking Vampires?

    Because of the nature of human life and human power.

    All human beings have energy. It does not matter whether you believe it or not. If you don't believe you have hair, that is too bad, there is still hair on your body somewhere. You can disbelieve that human beings have energy as much as you want, but people do have energy.

    This energy can be emitted, received and sensed. A human being can locate another human being by feeling their energy. A human being can heal another human being by emitting healing energy to this. A person who is sick can become better by absorbing the healing energy.

    Which brings us to vampires and high level kung fu men.

    It is also possible to suck the energy out of another person. Just like it sounds, this is a very bad thing. You need and want all of your energy. It is what makes you powerful and gives you the ability to defend yourself. Sucking your energy is just like taking the air out of car tires. You can still move and do things, but it is very very hard.

    How exactly does this energy sucking work?

    Human beings are divided into external and internal halves according to Chinese Medicine. Men are naturally external while women are naturally internal. External power is associated with hardness or tension, while internal power is associated with softness.

    All human beings are naturally divided into external and internal sections. A man, even though he is dominant externally, does have internal parts. A woman, even though she is dominant internally, does have external parts of her body.

    One of the "laws" of external and internal energy is that internal energy drains external energy. This is a very common sense idea if you consider it. What is external? The man. What is internal? The woman. What does the woman do to the man?

    She sucks the energy out of his penis right? Literally with her mouth, or in a similar way with the vaginal orifice or anal orifice. If you are a thinking person, you should immediately make a connection here.

    Women suck the energy out of men, and Vampires suck the energy out of men. Woman are dominant internally, so Vampires must be dominant internally.

    What is usually described as the pinnacle of Kung Fu achievement for a man? When a man takes an internal style like Ba Gua or Tai Chi. When the man moves away from the external styles and begins the internal styles, then he is said to be a better kung fu man.

    So a high level kung fu man is like a woman because high level kung fu is internal. A woman is like a vampire because they both suck energy. Therefore, a high level kung fu man is like a vampire. Which means high level kung fu men must also suck energy like the woman or like the vampire.

    Exactly Exactly how does this work?

    As described above, human beings have energy. Energy can travel across distances. The energy of a human being can travel to another human being and induce a change in the other human being. What does that mean "induce"?

    For example. Let's say the man is very tense from a hard day at work. He comes home and his body is hard all over. Because human beings have energy, and energy crosses distances, and other human beings can pick up energy, the woman picks up the man's tension. The man "induces" a state of tension in the body of the woman.

    This is uncomfortable for the woman. It is uncomfortable for anyone. What does the woman do? The woman changes the tension into softness so she regains her healthy state.

    What about the man? What happens when the woman dissolves the tension he has induced into her body?

    The man tries again to induce tension in her body. He is not doing it consciously. It is just happening as a natural part of two human beings in close proximity. The man will continue to transmit his tension to the woman. The woman will continue to dissolve the tense energy. What is the end result?

    The man gets tired won't he? The man is emitting tension that the woman is absorbing. The woman sits there and absorbs the man's tension until all of it is gone. What does the man feel like then? He is soft now. He has no more tension.

    Describing the process the way it has been described, the man is putting his energy on the woman, and the woman is dissolving it to keep herself healthy and soft. But. This process does not always work only when the man is putting tension on the woman.

    A man always has a normal amount of tension. The woman, if she chooses, can dissolve this tension. What happens to the man? He feels sick. He is supposed to have a certain amount of tension in his body to be healthy. If the women takes it, that tension is gone, so he is unhealthy. What happens next?

    The man must generate more tension right? He must regain that minimum state of tension that keeps his body healthy. Where does that tension come from? That tension comes from inside of him. He must use his energy to create the healthy tension in his body. He is generating and putting out energy.

    What if the woman just keeps dissolving it? What if every single drop of energy the man generates to make is body tense is dissolved by the woman? She is "sucking" his energy right? He generates energy, and then it disappears. He no longer has it because the woman dissolved it.

    Now. Change the above scenario into a fight between two men. One man is very tense and want to put this tension on his opponent by physically transferring it to the other man with his feet and fists. What does the high level kung fu man do?

    He does the exact same thing the woman does. He sucks the tension out of the man so the man has no energy to swing his feet or fists. The internal kung fu man is a "vampire" draining the tension and/or energy out of his opponent.

    The ugly part of this is that once the high level man reaches the point where he can dissolve energy, he becomes addicted. The dissolving process is like a drug which is where the vampire legends come in.

    A high level kung fu man will always need to dissolve tension. If he is not doing it in a fighting situation, he will simply drain it out of the men around him. He is a vampire sucking the energy that he needs out of the human beings around him.

    We can say he is malicious because his actions cause harm to his victims. His victims becomes tired and unhealthy. Or we could be understanding and say he cannot help himself. He needs tense energy to live, so taking it is what he has to do. We could also justify the vampires actions because if a person is too tense, they get sick also. A person who was too tense would want a vampire to suck the tension out of them so they felt better.

    Which brings us to Evil Vampires

    There are high level kung fu men who know exactly what they are and exactly why they behave the way they do and what their needs are. They know they need a diet of tense energy to stay healthy and become stronger.

    Evil vampires will literally set up a farm of human beings to milk for energy.

    An Evil kung fu man can train his students wrong so that they generate tense energy. The Evil kung fu man then drains this tension out of the students. The students are cows that the Evil Kung Fu man milks every day.

    I knew one of these men. It is a very ugly thing to know once you see it for what it is. I literally saw this man drain energy out of his students who had no idea what he was doing. They thought he was the greatest man in the world. But to the man, they were just cows.

    I wonder if cows think farmers are the greatest thing in the world when the farmer brings hay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happeh
    I wonder if cows think farmers are the greatest thing in the world when the farmer brings hay?
    I go to sleep wondering that very thing also.

    Personally, I think they'd be happy.

    I'll research this further. Do water buffalo count?
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    I can't believe I'm about to say this, but,,,, that's good stuff Happeh !

    You really presented the "vamp" thing in a much more realistic light. Much more believable than someone walking around with big fangs saying, "Blah, I've come to suck you qi, Blah"...

    Good stuff.

    And I definitely agree that a High level Internal Martial Artist "could" do that. However, I have my doubt's if anyone in the world is really up to that level now-a-days....
    "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest

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    baiwanxi, youre joking right?
    "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"

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    Damnit my secret is out!!!
    The essential point in science it not a complicated mathematical formalism or a ritualized experimentation. Rather the heart of science is a kind of shrewd honesty the springs from really wanting to know what the hell is going on!

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    Nah, I'm not joking... C 'mon, give the crazy bastard some credit. He laid it out pretty well ! Not like so many on this site that just say some shit but don't back it up with a good explanation.
    I mean, even if you don't agree with what he said he still presented it well. THat counts for something.
    "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest

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    Have any of you guys read the post? Here's what the logic seems to me like.

    Larry read the news today.

    Read rhymes with red, which is a color (adjective) and not a verb. On the grounds of his adjectiving rather than verbing a proper noun, Larry's existence contradicts the fabric of time, space and proper English grammar.

    Larry thus deserves to be executed. But due to a similar loophole Larry wil not actually be murdered legally, it simply means that he will be an operation executed on a small island-dwelling population off the coast of Spain.

    Oh, by the way here are some dogmatically true facts:

    All men have hair.

    All men have energy.

    Hair and energy are both tangible things that you can point to.

    Water buffalo have a LOT of hair.

    Wong Kiew Kit is thus full of shit.

    Hey, at least the post isnt just arbitrarily presenting opinions as facts. That would be something TOTALLY unfamiliar to the Russbo crew, considering their experience with BTL and all.

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    I became a vampire after coming in contact with one- i differ a little from the others, i only suck the women!

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    Dog, I agree.

    And Happeh, I'm not trying to "knock" u. I just wish, since you're providing these "theories" to us - representing them as truth - you'd first make an effort to condense your thoughts a bit more. The questions, similies and parralels, in my opinion, are a tad superfluous. If you cut the material down, it'll reduce the loquaciousness of your writing and make it easier for us to consider your points more thoroughly. Maybe you can write a quick thesis, give a few examples, provide some "proof," a conclusion, etc.. or would that, somehow, run counter to your "teaching style?"

    I understand your point is "High level kung fu men are vampires?' But, unfortunately, your observations fall short. They lack everything other than a flowery explanation and your personal subjective assurance.

    -- high level kung fu men are vampires?'
    -- an "idea" was created in order to provide something "physical" that people can see and feel, called vamparism?
    -- vampires do not suck blood, they suck energy?
    -- vampires suck energy and thus need people to feed on?
    -- women are vampires?
    -- an evil gongfu man is the same as an evil vampire?
    -- or, perhaps, farmers are vampires?

    We can continue in this vein forever. What have you proven? Conjecture is easy.

    So, for me, even if you are able to express yourself with convincing embellishments that are abstract and appear shrewd to some, it doesn't make the connections you've made any more bona fide, legitament, matter-of-fact, or, even intelligent.


    Sure, but that's the nature of it not?

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    I was told this in the strictest confidence and told never to repeat it... but now I feel that I have to:

    High Level Kung Fu Men Are Actually Unicorns.

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